Saturday, January 8, 2011

NC Blogroll, Update

Either something is amiss within Blogger, I'm not holding my mouth right, or universal planetary alignment is out of whack.  I've been trying to add a second blogroll, specifically to highlight NC bloggers, but keep stubbing my toe.

It ain't that I changed my mind, or forgot.  Technical difficulties and operator error, but I'll get 'er done if I hafta draw my pistol grab my computer adjustment hammer.


  1. Silence is curious???? What size 'CAH'(Computer Adjustment Hammer) do you use? I have some similar issues with my PC and the Wordpress app.

    Do you use a 22oz,32oz,380oz,9oz,38oz Special,357oz, 44oz Magnum, or 45oz?

    Respectfully submitted by SD2010.

  2. Ha! Welcome Silence Dogood!

    My favorite CAH is a 22oz Estwing Waffle-headed framing hammer, with what's called a "hammer-tooth." The hammer-tooth is really a raised, wedged portion of the shank, used for taking the twist out of a 2x4. I got that version, not because I needed to detwist a lot of framing lumber, but because nobody else had one like it, making it less likely to grow legs and disappear.

    But then, I've also got a 3lb Engineer's hammer that works well for hard to solve computer issues.