Monday, January 3, 2011

Right Minded In The Old North State

Look around me.  The Tar Heel State is blessed with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to talent in the blogosphere.  Some more prolific than others, some more widely-read than others.  But by and large, I have to say it's mighty impressive company hereabouts.  In fact, I'd like to advance the proposition that North Carolina has the finest collection of Right-thinking bloggers around.

Okay, raise your hand if you're a liberal blogger in North Carolina?  Didn't think so.

By contrast, consider this list of localish wordsmithery (in no particular order):

Sister Toldjah
What Bubba Knows He likes to refer to himself as an "Aggregator" rather than a blogger.  A rose by any name...
The Locker Room (The John Locke Foundation)
Hillbilly White Trash
No Feet Required
Red State Make sure to read Erickson's assessment of Reince Preibus' RNC Chair candidacy today.  I still contend that every voting member should pencil in the name Sarah Palin.
From The Barrel Of A Gun
Cold Fury
Katy's Conservative Corner
Silence Do Good Likes to quote Ben Franklin and Bubba.  'Nuff said.
Confederate Yankee
Jane Q. Public


On Motivation & Chocolate Denise prefers reporting on chocolates and sweets to governmental malfeasance, but I have it on good authority that Ayn Rand's Dagny Taggart is her hero, and she favors Reese's Cups to all other confections.  That makes her right as rain in my book.

Very soon, I'll be collecting these into a special Nor' Cackolackian blogroll.

Happy 2011, y'all.  Esse Quam Videri...To Be Rather Than To Seem


  1. You've missed a couple of good ones: An NC Gun Blog and No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money. Thanks for the link and You've been added to my sidebar. I'd been thinking of a NC Blog Roll but hadn't gotten around to it. Looks like you've done the heavy lifting. Thanks

  2. Thanks, kahr40...and keep up the good work. A lot of the "lifting" is Bubba's, as he'd recommended your site and a few others.

    But that's how we do it. I tell my friends, you tell your'n, they tell their'n, pretty soon we've elbowed out the riff raff.