Monday, November 5, 2012

Reaping What They've Sown

I'm heartbroken for the loss of life & property those in NY & NJ have incurred.  I really am.

But, part of me hopes that they're feeling the negative repercussions of their very bad choices.  And that they begin opening their eyes to the very real nature of the thuggery they casually embrace as "standard operating procedure."

Do you want to know the true nature of Unions?  Witness the fact that while you (and your gas station) goes without electricity, your Union "bretheren" are shunning outside volunteer assistance because, get this, the crews from Decatur (AL) Utilities haven't signed Union affiliation contracts, and IBEW is chasing them away.  The International Brotherhod of Electrical Workers is part of the AFL-CIO.

The company that sent those crews tells about their presence being, at first being on condition of union allegiance, then rejected:

"We made a decision late last night, to go ahead and bring our crews home."

Such is the way with a parasite: You may be in peril and you may die, but they'll just keep sucking your blood.

Dear New Yorkers and Jerseyans, may God help you.

I also have some vandalism to my truck, that I believe is attributable to some Union intolerance toward the "NOBAMA" sticker on it.  No big whup...If there weren't any cowards in the world, there'd be little need for heroes.  If a dent in the bed of the truck is the price I pay for getting shed of the UnionThug-In-Chief, so be it.

Want to see more of those Union-folks at their best?  How about these folks that are happy to steal from you and suppress your 1st Amendment rights?

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