Friday, November 30, 2012

Yeah, That One Hurt

I haven't felt much like blogging since that Day of Blackness, November 6.  But, in spite of the broken heart I have for America, her Founding Fathers, and the Constitution, there wasn't any slitting of wrists in Livermush Land.

And I don't quite feel like weighing in on the "why we lost" debate, yet.

While I'd certainly prefer to be basking in the hard-fought glory of a win, losing round #9 on a technicality (imposed by the Russian judge) does not mean that we're not coming out of the corner for round #10.

So, how best to win round #10?  Maybe some rope-a-dope, maybe some counter-punches, but most certainly we should plan on landing a few haymakers.  I like what Mark Davis wrote, No Time To Give Up in the Fiscal Fight:

We should not sign on to any plan that involves making job creators pay higher tax rates. If we are to entertain any closing of loopholes or striking of deductions (which are also tax increases), it should be upon receipt of iron-clad commitments from Democrats for real entitlement reform and other meaningful spending cuts.

That would seem highly unlikely. Still high on the adrenaline buzz of an election that seemed to smile on their big-government aspirations, Democrats are not in the mood to make deals.

Fine. Then let them be judged by that.

I know the media will paint any dark result as the fault of Republicans. Let them. It is time to stop worrying what the media say or how young and non-white voters might recoil at first.

We must do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may. Only then can we go to those voters we so deeply want to attract and say that we did it for them. They may not have appreciated it, but when we refused to let spending get even more obscene, we said no, and we did it for all Americans.

Again, I did not send my Congresswoman to Washington to cooperate or compromise.


And every 2014 Senate candidate should start practicing the phrase, "...the flat tax will eliminate all other (illegal) taxation: income tax, estate tax, payroll tax, obaminationcare tax, capital gains tax, gasoline tax, soda tax, fat-quotient tax, internet tax, and so on..."

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