Saturday, November 3, 2012

Throwing Lead Downrange

There probably aren't many bigger "hawks" than me.  If there exist enemies to my country, I say, "let's go shoot 'em."  Or even, "Let me go shoot 'em."

But given the deplorable rules of engagement currently in place, I see no value to having fine warriors such as Ty Woods and Glen Doherty (and the thousands more like them, actually wearing the uniform) in harm's way.  If we can't let them be more than mere targets, let's get them out.  Bring them home, and bring the concept of actual diplomacy home too.  Because, if we can't keep Ambassadors safe, there's little point of them being there.

And to everyone who would dare cite "the fog of war" as justification for abandoning those men and the Consulate, or for even the brief hesitation to act (much less the ensuing coverup for political dithering), I say damn you to hell.

Please consider reading this, from Mad Medic, contributed to Ranger Up, entitled A Tale Of Four Heroes...excerpted:

On October 3rd, 1993, in a forgotten corner of east Africa, an RPG caught a UH-60 in just the right spot, causing the second crash of a Blackhawk that day. (There would actually be two others that suffered enough damage that they barely made it back to base). The Blackhawk, call sign Super 64, spun into Mogadishu and landed hard after a nearly 70 foot free fall. When the dust settled, the crew was either dead or dying and only the pilot, CWO Mike Durant, was able to respond when a mob started to surround his crash site.

At this moment, two Delta snipers—SFC Randy Shughart and MSG Gary Gordon—requested three times to be inserted to hold off the mob until ground forces arrived to secure the crash site. Finally, they were given the go ahead, after being informed that Bravo company 3rd Battalion 75th Rangers was in heavy contact, and 2nd Battalion 14th Infantry was just then mobilizing. It was made absolutely clear that there was no certainty when help might arrive. They went anyway.

H/T to Blackfive.

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