Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dear Paul Ryan

I tried responding to you, Congressman Ryan, but my email was returned as undeliverable.  Apparently, you'll solicit and receive my monies, but not so much my concerns?  Presumably, you sent this because I'd given your group my hard-earned folding money in the past.  You wrote:

Jeff, President Obama and his Left-wing allies will stop at nothing to win back the House and put Nancy Pelosi back in the speaker’s chair.

We cannot let the Democrats do this.

If Democrats take back the House, we will continue to see bigger more intrusive government. We must continue to hold the President and government agencies, like the IRS, accountable for their gross abuse of power.

I need your help to stop Pelosi today.

Our June 30th fundraising deadline is critical – every dollar counts, and will help us keep the majority and Pelosi out of the speaker’s chair.

With only four days until the end of the fundraising quarter, every dollar counts. We are so committed to stopping Nancy Pelosi that we will match every contribution that we receive before June 30th.

Contribute $100, $50, $25 or what you can to help us keep the majority and Pelosi out of the speaker’s chair.

Thanks, Paul Ryan

Since the pachyderm party blocked my reply, you'll just have to read it here at ST&L...

Hey Paul, If you really want to "match me," do so by growing a pair.

No amount of financial support by me can produce specific performance from you and your gang. Congress holds the purse strings for this Federal Leviathan, but continues to fail in its obligation to its citizens, when all Congress really has to do (and which is totally in its power) is refuse to fund an ever growing and self-serving big government. Instead, you keep pretending that raising the debt ceiling is a political bargaining chip.

There is no Republican Party any more. We're "represented" by socialist-democrat and socialist-lite, both only feathering their respective nests. The judicial branch is a collectivist wet-dream, and the executive branch is infested with internationalism. The last hope for a Constitutional Republic is wiping the slate clean, and re-founding the sovereign States. The next-to-last hope is for you and your cohorts to actually stand on principle. Stand up and fight this burgeoning tyranny. If you won't do that, you're of no use to us. We don't need leaders, we need only representation.

I shan't contribute another dime to your party; you've already squandered too much. If you believe in Liberty, you should lead each other by seceding from the dead elephant and distancing yourselves from the Rubios, Christies, McCains, and Grahams of the world. A purging and purification is in order.

Remember: you don't have to win, but you do have to fight. And, you're not fighting for your own sake, but for the fragile dream of much greater men (Jefferson, Franklin, Washington) than you. The White House has no regard for my Constitution, and the Supremes have sought to pervert It, and the Senate is overrun with cockroaches bent on their own power and profit. When you consider all the obligations you have, and the measure of your enemies, doesn't it seem mighty obtuse that you'd waste even a second of your time shilling for such a wasteful and worthless outfit as the GOP?

Act like you actually understand the consequences, and fight. Act like you understand that this may be the last chance to fight a rhetorical/diplomatic battle, as opposed to the alternative. The only real way to stop the democrats, as you say, is to be an obvious alternative to them, yourselves. Be unequivocal in your opposition, and the Country will notice and applaud you for it!

Or continue to be wishy-washy, and relegate the fight to men of genuine conviction.

Regards, Jeff

I also learned just yesterday, that you are among those who endorse "amnesty" for illegal aliens.  Shame on you.

The mistake that you keep making is in the notion that there is a political solution to our current circumstances.  There are no moral victories in having a bigger number of R's, especially if those R's can't be true to their morality.  And the only morality I give a whit about, when it comes to elected representation, is your sacred oath to abide by and defend the Constitution.

On the other hand, stick with your elephant buddies.  I hear Governor Palin and Mark Levin have some thoughts on the value of a third party.  Wonder if they're taking donations, yet?

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