Sunday, July 14, 2013


I read a couple hours ago that George Zimmerman was acquitted.  I was worried that the jury would be unduly influenced by the idiot-box media and the bias of the judge, so my first reaction was relief.  My second sentiment was that Zimmerman had to endure a year which included the scornful machinations of his own President's administration along with those of the grievance industry.

I think it a testament to his character for holding up so well against that year-long tidal surge.  Is he a hero?  Well, maybe not directly to me, but certainly to those in his community.  He'd been involved in his Neighborhood Watch program for some years, not just that night.  And, he'd apparently never shown any animus toward anyone because of their skin color.  I think he just wanted a safe, crime-free neighborhood, and was willing to look critically at a person and situation as being possibly criminal.  And, I think he was right about the criminal.

There is no question in my mind that the dead guy was a thug.  Perhaps he wasn't plotting to rob someone, and perhaps he hadn't already mugged somebody.  But this fact remains: Zimmerman did not pick the fight and he didn't start it.  He was armed, and (duh) knew he was armed.  He didn't have to get into a fist-fight.  All he really had to do, given the onset of confrontation, was to again call the cops, who were standing by to rush in and do their duty (ok, sorry...I threw up a little in my mouth, there).  In reality, though, that was his reasoned expectation, flawed as it may have been regarding the LEOs.  But, back to my point, as he was armed, there was really no reason to engage in a fist-fight.

At some point, we all have to be willing to look critically at our world without fear.  Such as, "hey, that guy dressed the exact same way as a muslim terrorist, might just be a muslim terrorist, so I'm going to keep my eye on him" -Juan Williams.  Okay, I'm paraphrasing.  But it's the exact same situation.

Do I feel sorry for the dead guy?  Yes and no.

I am not sorry that he picked a fight with a citizen and got shot dead for it.

I am, however, very, very sorry for his supporters that they have no better hero in life than him.  I am sorry that so many people want to hate Whitey so bad, that they'll stretch the definition of Zimmerman's ethnicity well beyond the bounds of sanity, and threaten riotous racial vengeance over the perceived "injustice".  Professional victimhood run amok, I say.  I am sorry that the dead guy's family weren't concerned enough for his well-being previous to that fateful night, that they'd steer him away from his thug-life ways.  I am sorry that thug-life, itself, is glorified in parts of our subculture.  I'm sorry that folks that identify with the dead guy, racially, are so screamingly stupid, that they can't or won't see through the manipulative tactics of the Jesse Jackson's & Al Sharpton's & Rachel Maddow's of their world.

The dead guy should have fought for a world without the soft bigotry of diminished expectations, instead of contributing to those expectations.  Lesson: if you chose to look like a criminal, and act like a criminal, don't be too surprised or disappointed if you're treated like one.

And if you want to organize your hatred, consider the real source of your predicament.  Here's an analogy...

The Department of Wildlife here in North Carolina, confronted with deer overpopulation, introduced coyotes to the habitat.  In a brilliant move to "balance" the populations of wild turkeys, again in their infinite wisdom, introduced new species of rattlesnakes.  The method to their madness?  Control nature through "managed" conflict.  Most of the political class (and most notably Obama, Holder, & Company) believe it's in their best interest to tweak the chaos of conflict.  They love, love, love it when the peasants are pointing their pitchforks at each other, rather than at them.

Who benefits from your hatred?  Certainly not Whitey.  And certainly not blacks, either.  Only those in the race-baiting industry and the ruling class realize any real profit from the strife.  You would-be rioters might consider the very real possibility that we're actually on the same side!

If you want to organize a violent march protest on your real oppressors, show up at the White House in Washington, DC.  Tell the occupiers there that you're tired of them keeping you around just for your stupidity and manipulability.  If they gave a damn about you, or the dead guy, they'd be honest with you.  But they're not.  They're using you like so many coyotes and rattlesnakes.  If you want to honor the dead guy, and like him are tired of being so disrespected, then turn your ire on those who purposefully cultivate it.

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