Friday, August 16, 2013

I Believe

I apologize for the incoherence, but that doesn't mean that you can consider yourself blameless.  Some feedback would be nice, if only for a toehold or steadying purchase.

I am a fan of Mark Levin.  And I believe that he is correct that we need (or more accurately, from my perspective, will need) to amend the constitution to further limit the federal government.  But, I do not concur that fixing the Constitution will fix the Leviathan.  For one thing, the Leviathan will not allow it.

Fixing the Constitution and/or fixing the government...It's nearly like a chicken/egg equation, but not quite.  It's more like a chicken and some eggs, and a hatchet.  And a Dutch oven.

A point to consider, friends: even if some organic mass-uprising cited Levin's list for guidance in securing a Constitutional Convention, which group of Congress-critters do you trust to actually write those amendments?  Name ten "representatives" who are that trustworthy, even if you got to pick them.  And guess what.  I doubt you'll get to pick them.  It's only a great idea if they actually do what you sent them there to do in the first place.  How's that worked out so far?  That system is how we get Arkansas pork in a Hurricane Sandy-relief bill.

Even if a Constitutional Convention came to pass, and those Amendments were ratified just as Levin outlines, we currently have a government which chooses to not abide by the law and/or enforces only those laws convenient to its own well-being.

Here's an outrageous supposition for you.  I submit that we've seen the last legitimate national election (even if the 2012 presidential election was truly legitimate, and I am highly skeptical).  I do not believe that there will be another.  I suspect that, true to form, the Socialists will manufacture a crisis so profound that time and energy spent on campaigns and elections will be deemed wasteful and risky.  If the administration said, "Hey, things are just too fragile right now.  Let's just suspend the election cycle for a few months, and ride this thing out",  could we trust the traditional media to kick up much fuss in opposition?

As much as I hope for political debate to somehow cure our national bleeding ulcer, I sadly cannot convince myself that there is a political solution to be had.  I don't think 50% of the populace will ever vote against Santa.  Even if notable atrocities (read: Benghazi, Fast & Furious, NSA, IRS) continue piling up, the traditional media will continue refusing to give a damn.  For every major news outlet, the raging wildfires around the city-state only merit Nero's fiddle-tune as report-worthy.

When I'm out on the road, I listen mostly to talk radio, as signal permits.  And, I have some apps on the old smart phone for this, too.  Most areas, I can get Rush & Hannity, though I find their respective "shticks" a bit predictable and stale.  As mentioned before, Mark Levin is generally worth a listen, but he's too big a fan of "Honest" Abe for my liking.  That's about my only complaint with him, but Glenn Beck's unbridled infatuation with the North and disdain for the South has earned him a permanent "no thanks" from me.  Bad mouth Jefferson Davis, Glenn, and this is what you get: Buh-bye.

My smart-apps aren't very reliable, but the best listening by far is Town Hall Radio, led by Dr. Bill Bennett's Morning In America.  Also very worthwhile are TH's Dennis Prager and Mike Gallagher.

Another of my sketchy smart-apps is the one that dials up some Jason Lewis.  Generally very good, but last week he belabored the point that we need to abandon opposition to Obamacare, just so the peoples can experience the full effect of that monstrosity.  I'm not down with that, as they say.  And I'm certainly not down with his repeated nonsense that this administration's foreign policy isn't fundamentally different than Republicans (for some reason, he pretended this somehow made his case on a parallel level).

Sorry, Jason.  What previous administration can you cite that has been so antagonistic to America's friends, warm to America's enemies, derelict in its duty, and criminal in its devices?  Which one bowed to a Chinaman?  Who else made an apology tour?  Yes, other GOP admins had deplorable behavior, too.  But, I don't agree that we've ever seen such inept or egregious foreign policy.

And that brings me to this latest unpleasantness: my Senator is listed as one who won't pledge to defund the "Affordable Care Act".  Don't know why, but I'll surely try to find out.  In the meantime, if you're reading this, Richard Burr, there are no longer any worthwhile GOP victories.  Either you're steadfastly opposed to the single most un-American piece of legislation ever conceived, or you're helping to facilitate it.

And back to the so-called "Liberty Amendments".  Good idea Mark, but what do you say to the Con-Con scenario in Bracken's Foreign Enemies & Traitors?
"Well, we didn't just 'give up' our rights. It wasn't like that. Not at all. It's more like they were stolen in broad daylight, at the constitutional convention."

Carson asked, "How did that happen? I was down in the Caribbean then. American news wasn't so big down there. Panama was going through its own troubles, and I was keeping a low profile. I didn't have cable TV, that's for sure."

"I'll tell you what happened--I watched it happen. When the convention was over, that's when we knew that the old America was gone. It was over. Finished."
Those of you who haven't, please follow the link above to the rest of a long excerpt from FEAT, and from there to reading the entire EFAD Trilogy.  Bracken told you what was going to happen, and it is happening.  Wishing it weren't is no solution.

Again, I'll say that I believe placing hope in any political solution is ultimately misplaced, but that shouldn't stop Mr. Burr, et al, from doing the right thing.  I'll be defunding it in my own way, from where I stand.  And that will make me a target for a vengeful regime.  But, since I've already/previously contributed to GOP candidates, have "NoBama" and "I Am John Galt" stickers on my truck, subscribe to, the Heritage Foundation, and, have ordered items from Cheaper Than Dirt and Jebadiah Fisher, contributed American folding dollars to Mike Vanderboegh and the Reese Defense Fund, not to mention my unwaveringly uncooperative ST&L rants, I am pretty sure the NSA and IRS (and who knows how many alphabet-others) have long ago flagged my behavior as attention-worthy.

I'm currently reading Whittaker Chambers' Witness, and I know how he felt, sticking out as a sore thumb and knowing it's not a matter of "whether" that vengeance will come, but "how & when."


  1. It doesn't matter. It too late. Way too late. I think Levin knows it, but feels obligated anyway.

  2. I can't disagree with any of that.