Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Machinations (UPDATED 05/29)

Harry Reid and his BLM-buddy Korntz said that Bundy getting his cattle back was not going to be the end of that encounter, and you'd better believe it.  FedGuv got punked and embarrassed out in Bunkerville, and payback by a tyrant is the bitchiest of bitches.

From Bubba, witness the machinations of this Congressman's scheme to very soon begin executing American citizens.
If, like me, you've been watching the AMC mini-series TURN (about America's first spy ring) and mulling over the parallels of that time of Independents and Loyalists with the essence of our current situation, can you help but marvel at the similarities?
It begins.


Let us just assume that they "considered but rejected" only momentarily the newly approved directive (instituted in 2010, Directive Number 3025.18), giving the president authority to use military force against civilians, on American soil...

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