Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why Benghazi Matters To Me

And why it should matter to you.

I have an old friend named Bob, who travels extensively as a Tour Accountant for Big Rock Shows.

As a Tour Accountant, he gets flown to swanky tourist places like Paris and London and Hong Kong, but he also has to travel to places that might not be so swanky (or safe).  So far as I know, he doesn't necessarily get much say as to where.  I do know that whither goeth the talent, there goeth Bob.

And while he's there, and not accounting for Big Rock Tour business, he likes to spend any downtime seeing what there is to see and experiencing local culture (beer).  As an American with some coin, he's free to do so, but wary to keep away from unsavory areas, whether because of his projected "means" or by simply being an American.  As I'm sure anyone can imagine, just being non-native can lead to trouble in some parts of the world.  Such is the nature of the world.  Such is the nature of many cities in the US, as we know.

But, let's imagine what would happen if Bob wandered into the wrong neighborhood and got himself abducted, violated, and then executed.  Questions of "why" he was abducted wouldn't immediately be relevant, and only serve, at best, to legitimize his capture.
First thing I'd expect my country's representatives (there in the immediate area, as well as here at home) to do, is assess my friend's situation and drop everything else to secure his release.  Everyone who fails at this would be held accountable.
If rescue somehow didn't or couldn't happen, but instead his captors mutilated his body before and after they murdered him, I'd want every person who had intimate knowledge of the events surrounding my friend's capture and demise to be honest and forthright about those events.  If some other Americans got involved and tried to rescue my friend, but were only able to save some Big Rock Stars and roadies and groupies, but lost their lives in the process, I'd expect to know every pertinent fact from those that were rescued.  Anyone who obstructed this would be held accountable.
If someone, anyone, misrepresented any of those details regarding the harm coming to my friend, in an effort to benefit themselves, I can't think of any reason that same person should remain alive.  I don't care how trivial or monumental that benefit, any effort to discolor the facts for financial or political profit, would be unforgivable.

What if this hypothetical "anyone" who benefitted from such a smokescreen was Dick Cheney?  Would you be ready to water-board him to get details of what happened?

I would.

And that's only if my friend's presence was an accidental wrong turn.

Consider that this person was officially assigned to that place, as an envoy of peaceful outreach, on behalf of the American people.  Even if some bastion of Liberty or Conservatism had perpetrated such stonewalling and misdirection as we've seen from this administration, I'd be the first to say, "string 'em up!"

If it was you, Mr. Carney, who claimed that an email regarding how your company would handle the news of my friend's death, plainly read as such, was really about something else, entirely?  And shortly thereafter, you and I had 3 minutes alone in an elevator?

You'd very certainly be answering to your Maker, tout de suite.

Same thing goes for any of you who pretend that Dude, that was so two years ago.  Same thing for any of you, with your righteous indignation, who squeal what difference does it make?

Same thing for you sycophants who scream that you don't care, and by implication suggest that I shouldn't care, either.

There is not a single person in the world who looks at the available information objectively and believes in their heart that the Obama administration has been honest about Benghazi's cause, or the lack of official response.  There are some who rationalize the deception in favor of their would-be savior's agenda, and want the rest of us to move on to other less-unflattering things.

Imagine that, instead of Bob, it was Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, or Sean Smith who was my friend, and whose death you're apparently trivializing for your own nefarious ends.  Get alone with me if you want to advance this charade.  Go ahead and lie to my face.  See how badly that turns out for you.

Someone else who I used to care about, once told me in response to my assertion that Obama lied on the campaign trail that, "They ALL lie."  Which told me that she thought it was okay, under certain conditions, for her presidential candidate to lie.

But, what about after he's no longer the candidate, but expected to actually BE the president?  What then?  Want him to still lie to me?  And to you?

He lied to us all, making those speeches at the UN, on the return ceremony for those victims, and appearing on the talk shows.  His office sent other liars out to push this lie, and are still doing so.  How despicable the original ruse, and how much worse the continued cover-up?
But, I don't really believe the true depths of scandal are abundantly obvious.  The political shenanigans are enough to merit Watergate-like impeachments and prison time for many in this administration.  But, I suspect (as does I think Mr. Gowdy), there was much more to Ambassador Stevens' presence in Libya that speaks sinister ill of this President and his hencepeople.
Like Gowdy, I'm surprised at how many people in the media presumably "bought it."  And, I'm further surprised at how casually some fellow citizens treat high crimes and treasonous acts.
Does it matter to you, yet?


  1. Considering the blatant infiltration of our Govt. by islamist/muslim brotherhood thugs/thuggettes, it is obvious that Soetoro are definitely on the Enemy's team. My prayers are with Mr. Gowdy in getting answers to all his questions, with indictments quick to follow.

  2. Like Gowdy, I'm surprised at how many people in the media presumably "bought it."

    "Bought it" after being bought. :)

  3. Do you think that the complicit media is in a pickle? Gowdy is good theatre, so it's got to be tough for them to shun his press conferences, and impossible for them to spin his rhetoric.

    Do you think Ambassador Stevens was abandoned (correct that...denied increased security and later abandoned) due to being a liability to the administration in regards to CIA arms dealings? See Doug Hagmann's Foggy Bottom of Benghazi:

    Do you believe that once the myth of a benign Obama administration begins to seriously, and very publicly, unravel, that we'll see .gov wildfires of manufactured crises spring up by the scores?

  4. I also read that Stevens and Soetoro were very close back when Barry first came to the Senate - he left Michelle and the girls back in Chicago. From all indications, this was a hit in plain sight - House of Cards ain't got nothing on our PINO.