Thursday, May 15, 2014

Not Just Good Advice for THOSE Christians

But also, for those near-bouts these parts...the Land of Livermush.

Christians have been run out of Mesopotamia, killed and tortured in Egypt, and are being brutalized all over the world. And the evil leader of this Islamic group in Nigeria claims that he has converted the girls to Islam.

He can “convert” the girls because all he has to do is force them under threat of death to say a few things and wear a few more clothes. Islam has no Holy Spirit who moves as He will and does what he wishes, converting the hearts of His people. Rather, it is a man-made religion, concocted by a violent and self serving seventh century warlord, child abuser, pedophile and murderer for the purpose of keeping his roving band of hoodlums and ne’er-do-wells together. It’s pronouncements are ad hoc groupings of ridiculous assertions, and the only thing not illogical in all it its literature was stolen from other faiths. The seeds of violent subjugation are within the texts of Islam itself. It isn’t a religion of peace. It’s a religion of perverts and totalitarians.

Christians can preachy preach the gospel of pacifism if they want to. They can conflate the Bible to mean that Christians must be a doormat for the world. But it was preachers who supplied the moral underpinnings of the American war for independence. There is nothing necessary in the modern squishy Christianity we hear and see today. It’s a choice because at the moment it’s convenient to make that choice and feel morally superior to everyone else.

But children are dying all over the world. As long as Christians want to mouth silly platitudes to parishioners and congregants, Christian children will continue to die, and Christians will have to flee for their lives. The solution lies in arming themselves and waging the good fight against Islamists everywhere. A well placed .308 to the whole body, or several rounds of 5.56 to the head and chest, or a 230 grain .45 fat boy through the stomach should do just fine at stopping the Islamists in Nigeria.

And Islam isn't the only religion of perverts and totalitarians that Christians need be armed, nay well-armed, against.  Consider the coming spawn of that marriage of queers and settled-science climate-wealth-spreaders, and their violent subjugating schemes.
Take one of those cloaks, and sell it.  Then, buy this (it has the thing that goes up!).  And these.
This material is assuredly going to be on the test.


  1. Squishy Christianity - Jesus would be and is and always will be appalled by those using His name and behaving so cowardly.
    The situation in Nigeria has been going on for quite awhile, and our Govt. chastises their govt. for trying to stop these murderers. There is NO COMPROMISE WITH ISLAMISTS!
    Check this out on a pregnant Christian woman about to be executed in Sudan after she has her baby.

  2. I wouldn't want to go around poorly armed up in Michiganistan. That's as hot a hotbed of thugslims as there is in FUSA, no?

  3. And speaking of "those using His name," do you include the Corruptocrat-In-Chief? Is he a squishy Christian, or a Lesser Jihadist?

    1. PINO Soetoro is no Christian even if he weren't really a muslim. The 'church' he attended in Chicago is not Christian by any stretch of the imagination. By your deeds...

  4. The true hotbed of thugslims (like that term) is over in the Detroit/Dearborn area on east side of the state. I live over on the southwest side of Michigan in a town unsafe for other reasons. I do not walk around my neighborhood beyond my own street. All the younger people I know in Battle Creek are pretty heavily armed. I have had my CCW for a couple of years now, and that helps me rest a bit easier. Plans are to leave this area if and when I can sell my house.