Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Sunday Funny

While I'm on the subject of McClatchy propaganda, let's say you live in a city like Charlotte (or Raleigh, or Columbia, SC or Lexington, KY) and you enjoy a good political cartoon. If so, the major papers in your city probably come up short in regards to ridiculing the laughable left. Because I do enjoy some Sunday funnies, I'm glad that I have Flopping Aces to rely on as I laze away with my coffee.

As I am sure there are royalty concerns, I won't make a habit out of pilfering the material for use on my site. But, as a manner of ushering readers on to FA, who do great work by the way (and are folks you should read on a regular basis anyway) I'll inject a couple of my favorites from this morning. If I ever see a way to make a few bucks from this blog-thing, having a similar, regular Sunday Comics post would be something I'd like to do. These artists should be well-rewarded for their talent. Enjoy...

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