Wednesday, May 27, 2009

UPDATE: Replacement video

The Pe-LIAR-si post from yesterday morning included an embedded video which has been nuked by the source, I have now learned. So, I'm replacing that video with another. Her behavior is despicable on a number of levels, and in yesterday's post I tried to point out how crippling it is to our intelligence community when elected representatives go about playing their (the agents') methods and results, or lack thereof, for political gain. Another facet of how bad this is, is the fact that she uses the CIA as a scapegoat for a manufactured ill of the previous administration, which undermines and erodes their effectiveness. Yet another is that she has the nerve to continually spit her lies in the face of America, pretending that she's above being held accountable. This is where Rush comes in. Accountability. Sic 'em, Rush! Sic balls, boy!

Thanks, Rush.

Also, revisit this video from Miss Ann, who draws similar parallels regarding the Clinton regime's manners of aggressive dishonesty. Let us remember: The actions of THAT administration to weaken our intelligence community and handcuff their effectiveness, created the vulnerability that resulted in 9/11. Cause & effect.

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