Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nancy Pelosi, hero of fools and terrorists

If you're like me, and you're probably not, because apparently more of you cast your ballots for the hopeandchangeandrainbows crowd, then you've been whistling past the graveyard since November. And hoping that those fearful things which we can't see, can't really harm us physically, or might not...yet. And praying for things to not get too bad to fix once we can boot the bozos out on their asses in 2012. Those few of you who are of that mindset that the biggest electoral con-job of all time has us, America, in the most precariously teetering position in our 233 years understand and worry right along with me. There are others amongst us that had not yet seen the potential calamity toward which those Democrats, if and when they had their way, might guide us.

I still don't know how my friends, relatives, and neighbors failed to see and hear what was so plain-as-day for me: the preference by the Democrat Party leadership that we actually lose in Iraq and Afghanistan. And I can't grasp how those same people weren't as consequently horrified and repulsed by those "leaders" as I was. And I can't fathom how or why they aren't yet disassociating themselves as I did.

You see, I was registered as a Democrat up until 2002. I hadn't truly believed that it mattered so much as the character of the person you chose for each office. That's when I started hearing, and recognizing, the scuttlebutt from the left, the naysayings of Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and the Clintons et al. And I thought back ("back" was a shorter distance then, obviously) to our cries of "how did we get here?" that we all felt in the aftermath of 9-11. Y'all remember that? "How could we be so vulnerable?" we all were asking. And do you remember the answers? One of those answers was the realization of how gutted and weakened our intelligence community (read: the CIA) had been effected by the Clinton administration. Billy-boy was the one who started us on that global apology tour and scaled back preparedness for and knowledge of those who would do us harm in favor of a supposedly less-threatening American image worldwide. Cause and effect, assholes, cause and effect.

And when the ACLU and their pals were spouting, "let's not over-react to terrorism and grant carte blanche to the CIA in the interest of national defense" I was all, fuck that. Ramp that sucker back up to the point that the bad guys are known, fucking known down to their dental records, well before they take any flying lessons or get their hands on some Anthrax or even meet up with other bad guys where they think up destructive shit. I mean, come on. How paranoid do you have to be, Democrats, about your little grow-light-cannibis in your closets or your sexual deviances, that you remain willing to handcuff the double-naughts into doing nothing against the real dangers? Your little criminalities and perversions make this country's overall balance sheet of character a weaker one, as it is, without the added vulnerability you bring upon the rest of us. And that is what I despise so much about this bitch...

Pelosi is THE top representative of your party, Democrats. And this is characteristic of her (and their) motives. It is more important to get and maintain political power than to strengthen the security of our nation. She was so wrapped up in A) smokescreening the failures of the current administration and B) casting aspersions and blame upon the President who cared enough about our country to take political risks, that she now sees fit to call those CIA people liars and misleaders. YOU are the misleader Nancy, and the liar. And I think it's time your enablers begin pulling their collective heads out of their collective asses and disowning you.

I'm not necessarily feeling like this post is my best work...the bile that's raging in my gut over how easily Pelosi is prepared to revisit the Bill Clinton Age of Ignorance is choking my brain. And while she and those of her ilk are murdering our national security here at home, the Community Organizer in Chief has allowed (dare I say, fostered) a powderkeg of instability on three simultaneous fronts: Iran, Pakistan, North Korea. Go read Scott's essay at Flopping Aces and then tell me you feel good about our country's current footing worldwide.

I changed my affiliation, not because I was fundamentally opposed to the notion of democracy, but because I didn't want to be associated with the weak and those who would engender weakness upon me and my country. I saw then, as I do now, that such association is no different than a welcome mat for the terrorists. Which fools among you are not yet ready to disown the Democrat political machine, its machinations, and its carelessness with our safety? If not yet, then what will it take?

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