Sunday, June 7, 2009

Because of these men

While the Obamination is pulling down the pants of America, and embracing weakness and shame, revisit with me the words of a man who loved his country. President Reagan stands on the cliff of Point Du Hoc, gushing respect for those men of those countries who were there with ours, and basking in the glory of being the leader of the country whose men and women are the best and brightest and bravest, the shining example of what is good and true in the world. I've seen this video on at least six other sites yesterday and today.

As President Reagan says in closing, "Let us continue to stand for the ideals for which they lived and died."

Our nation, as the strongest nation and the best, has a responsibility to remain as such. In the time before our full involvement in WWII, the enemies of freedom and liberty took advantage of our absence, expanding their aggression and conquest and their threat. The same is happening now, and will only worsen, so long as the fools who pretend to leadership in this country continue their systematic submission. When our country shuns the responsibility that comes with being the mightiest and best, the despots and tyrants and thugs rush in to fill that void. Without men like Ronald Reagan, the brave men of this country like you and me will sit like swords rusting in their scabbards, sheathed and disregarded.

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