Thursday, June 11, 2009

Call your co-workers around your desk and enjoy

With very little soliloquy, I would like to present another video by a man that knows how to make a speech. It isn't ironic or coincidental that he needs no teleprompter. You see here a gentleman who from his heart, speaks the simple truth.

If you prefer to categorize Newt Gingrich as the Bad Old Man of the Grand Old Party, you shouldn't watch this. At about the 8:55 mark in, you'll hear him say that he, "is not a citizen of the world," and you will hear things that make you proud to be an American, proud again also to be a Republican, proud that you aren't an apologist, but rather looking hopefully and confidently to 2010 and 2012.

I know it's two straight posts with video-embedded speeches by great Americans, but heh. Fifty-Six minutes long, but well-worth every second.

Then, tomorrow, I'll embed another a woman whose blogs always move me to uproarious laughter, but this day moved me to tears.

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