Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Michelle Malkin rocks

If you are, or think you might be, supportive of the current administration's efforts regarding health-care reform, or even if you're somehow naive enough to believe that their motives might not be purely evil, then you should consider reading Ms. Malkin's report linked herewith. Also, if you think the Obamination and Ol' Miss Stink-eye are above the fray, be sure to read about her "patient-dumping" chicanery.

If a tingly-legged sensation gets you through the day toward your evening fix of spoon-fed moonbattery via the mainstream news networks, and you've been known to cringe at the thought of anyone being critical of the Great Eunuch in Chief (I got that from MataHarley--Flopping Aces-- this morning), then you'd better not read the entire essay. But if you have an open mind, and I promise not to say I told ya so, and wouldn't mind seeing those dots of intentional corruption perfectly connected, then please treat yourself to her essay, of which I submit this sample:

Why do they want Obamacare? An internal ACORN memo I obtained from August 2008 makes the motives clear. “Over our 38 years, health care organizing has never been a major focus either nationally or locally for ACORN,” wrote ACORN Philadelphia region director Craig Robbins. “But increasingly, ACORN offices around the country are doing work on health care.” The goal: “Building ACORN Power.” The memo outlines the ACORN/HCAN partnership and strategy of opposing any programs that rely on “unregulated private insurance” – and then parlaying political victory on government-run health care “to move our ACORN agenda (or at least part of it) with key electeds that we might otherwise not be able to pull off.”

The objective, in other words, is to piggyback and exploit Obamacare to improve and protect their political health. The “grass-roots” movement is not about representing Main Street. It’s about peddling influence and power on 1825 K Street.

I have my own personal distaste for the current state of healthcare dysfunction, namely, the general passing-the-buck, lack of accountability between the providers and insurers, with patients chewed up in the middle. But, government at it's best, even if there weren't any associated corruption, is not the answer. Thanks, but no thanks...At what point shall the rest of you agree that this federal government has over-reached in pushing its influence and control onto your lives?

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