Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rogue Element

Damn right, rogue.

If for no other reason, knowing that bad apples like Bin Laden preferred John Kerry to George Dubya gave me plenty of reason to dislike Kerry without further discussion. Similarly, I'm with Rush on this equation: It is reason enough that the Ostrich Media foams at the mouth with hatred every time Sarah Palin's name is mentioned, that immediately makes me gravitate towards her.

They fear her. And if you hate America, then you should fear her, too. Because she most-certainly does not stand for weakness.

I have an old friend...actually, I've been more of a friend to him, because I've paid to attend his bands' shows and given him shelter in my home and driven him around when I lived in Austin when he came to visit and I shared his music with others and so on...who fawned over Obama on his blog after the election last November that he'd years earlier grown to love and adore the man. He did not say, however, that his adoration prompted him (anytime prior to the election) to more-closely scrutinize Obama's history. And, I criticized him for that. I go back to his blog periodically to see if he's found the courage to take a hard look at his folly, but as yet, no such luck.

So now, here I am with a similar heroic figure. Haven't seen any warts yet, but I'll keep looking. Currently, her writings include her facebook page, which I read periodically. I think it's okay that a huge portion of the voting public will emotionalize their support (and I'm tempted to, also, I admit)...So what if her cult of personality sways the easily swayable, right? I'll be looking for, and at, the facts, thankeeverymuch. If she's the leader I believe her to be, I won't care any more why you like her than I care why they (the lunatic fringe left) don't.

And if you're thinking about my Christmas gift, mark your calendar for November 17: the day her book, Going Rogue, hits the shelves. I hope I get a thousand copies.


  1. Hey Jeff, Yeah I'll buy that book when it comes out...

    I've always liked Sarah Palin, and the biggest reason (Other than she's freakin hawt) is her ability to make the libturds froth at the mouth...Would she make a good president? Who the hell knows, she probably would do better then GWB and by that measure would smoke Obama's ass...But is she what we need? Nope, we need a solid conservative to fix this mess, not a partial one. We need a full tilt Reagan fiscally and foreign policy wise, and a barry goldwater socially..

  2. Howdy Bushwack,

    I'd say the biggest reason I like her is her apolitical governance, that her leadership, nay even her very direction, is decided by what is right (not just opposite "left", but "correct") and her allegiance to the principals of the founding fathers.

    I'll let Todd debate you on the subject of "hawt" or not, though.

    President Bush did the one thing I required of him to have justified my vote: he kept us safe, by keeping the pressure on the terrorists and those that support them. That's the SINGLE THING that mattered most, above all other. And I think Ms. Palin can carry that task.

    If she runs, I've said before that I hope she chooses Gen Petraeus as her running mate. I can envision taliban and liberals fighting for spider-holes all over the world. Reference my post on the bullet-proof character:

    And the Flopping Aces post that inspired it: