Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We're Godzilla. You're Tokyo.

Crunch! Stomp! Crunch!

Oh yeah, baby. Been a long nine months. It smelled like Autumn outside today. The first new leaf colors showed up over the weekend, and today was noticeably cooler. Here comes what is undeniably the best time of the year.

Time to hit somebody.


If the start of Carolina football this Saturday wasn't enough for you, consider the fact that also this weekend, the greatest alumni game ever assembled will tip off (Friday, 8PM) in front of a sell-out crowd in the Dean E. Smith center, where (also worthy of a "yeah, baby!") the banner acknowledging the 2009 National Champion UNC Tar Heel basketball team will be raised to the rafters.

One of my favorite writers, Adam Lucas, reports on a scene that recently took place in Coach Williams' office.

Roy Williams was sitting in his Smith Center office, the one with the newly framed photo of Ty Lawson and Michael Jordan hanging out at the Cousy Award ceremony. Across from Williams was Phil Ford; on the office speakerphone was Pat Sullivan. Ford and Sullivan were serving as the designated "general managers" for a draft intended to distribute players for Friday night's game.

As everyone involved reviewed the talent pool, Williams looked at Ford. "You know,
Phil, point guard must be a pretty easy position. Look how many point guards we've got on this list."

Both men chuckled...and at that exact moment, Lawson walked in the door.

"See?" Williams said. "They're all over the place!"

Lawson was stopping by before working out with some current and former Tar Heels later in the afternoon. That gave the room exactly 1,361 career assists--plus another 120 on the phone, as Sullivan would probably be quick to point out. It's hard to round up that many assists in some programs, much less on an average Tuesday afternoon.

What a great weekend to be in Chapel Hill. Happy Labor Day, y'all.

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