Thursday, September 17, 2009

You are irrelevant

My good friend Denise, the high-priestess of the church of chocolate, tipped me to this video.

If and when you come to the conclusion that your elected representatives no longer listen to you (their employers) nor abide by their very own rules, are you content to wait for election time to roll back around when you'll then be able to vote (a vote which may or may not even count) to kick them out?

Here, you have Murtha abusing his power as Chairman in recognizing a very questionable (to say the least) vote count (in committee) as definitive, in spite of vocal disagreement, and refusing parliamentary challenges to his presumed authority to do so: "The Chair's decision is not subject to question." Recently, you've also seen a Congressman tell a constituent (his constituent!) that no one was going to tell him how to run his Congressional office. Town Hall meetings are being held over the telephone as a manner of controlling waves of dissenting public opinion. Would-be funny guy Al Franken was the beneficiary of crooked vote-counting (and re-counting and re-counting) until enough votes for him were "found" and his election then quickly certified (need I tell you which party was in charge of this fiasco?). And on and on.

Are you satisfied that your one vote is enough? Have you pierced the MSNBC-induced stupor of your friends and neighbors with some harsh truth? Have you bothered to tell your congressperson that you're sick of being labeled a racist for simply not knuckling under? Or, are you sharpening your own pitchfork, yet?

In light of, count them with me now, five sting-operation videos where ACORN advocates are seen and heard providing guidance toward setting up child-smuggling-and-prostitution houses, working to help fund the operation, giving tax advice, offering to aid said smuggling, and admitting to other crimes...and not even batting an eyelash, you haven't heard (except some efforts to discredit the reporters-Breitbart, O'Keefe, and Giles) any contributions from the ostrich media. In a world where every conceivable outlet scrambles to climb on the bandwagon and steal the thunder of any 'scoop' it's always: "Get me the local angle, dammit!" we're left with, instead...crickets.

Oh wait...stop the presses. We do have Jon Stewart:

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Criminal conspiracy is not out of the ordinary for these folks, but an absolutely ingrained character trait. And now, the White says it wants to distance itself from ACORN. As Michelle says, "Obama can no more disown ACORN than he can his own shadow... He is ACORN, and ACORN is him." Furthermore, ACORN made Obama who he is, and he made them who they are. These are people who do not have a Utopian vision for America, but a vile and destructive one. Do not let anyone tell you that their existence (O!Bummer's and ACORN's) is coincidental. These are people who wish to do you harm, and do harm to your liberty and freedom.

In her email, she said she didn't think I'd believe it, the video of Murtha. Well, the opposite is true. I do believe it. The Far Left has found itself in the perfect storm of unprecedented power. They're acting in their own interests with impunity, and not only do I believe it, but I expect it. I fear the results, here at home and also abroad.

And I worry that my countrymen, hypnotized in their ignorance by ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC, & MSNBC, do not fear those effects enough.

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