Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Y'all that twitter and facebook...

I did that whole myspace thing for a while.  But my distaste for it has made me want to keep the lure of all the other "social media" functions, 'specially Facebook, fended off.  Here's something worthwhile, though, for those of you who do enjoy that business.

If you go become one of their followers on Facebook, or fans on Twitter (or is that fan on FB, and follower on Twitter?), Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q will donate $0.50 to the families of the victims of the Ft. Hood shootings Islamic terrorist attack.

You could drive by a thousand Rudy's across Texas, and never give them much thought, so unassuming are their stores, and see their slogan, "Worst Bar-B-Q in Texas" and maybe be able to keep your mouth from watering.  All you're doing is delaying the inevitable: Eat at Rudy's...fall in love with Rudy's.

Don't let it trouble you too hard that your heap of Q is served on a sheet of wax paper for a "plate".  Stand in line; it's not a long wait, but well worth every second.  When your turn comes, you sidle up to the counter and tell them you're new to Rudy's, and they'll have you sample good eats until you're satisfied with your potential order.  "Extra Moist" brisket comes highly recommended from the Livermush guy.

Thanks and hat-tip to BLACKFIVE for the heads-up.

Befriend those fine folks at Rudy's and help them do something good in the process.  And invite your friends, followers, and tweeting minions to do the same.  Plus, next time you're hungry, stop in a Rudy's.


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