Friday, December 18, 2009


If you want one example of how deplorably sickening the consequences of your voting have been or could be, exhibit A:

Imagine a person having a job where he has the authority to teach your 7-year old son or daughter the "benefits" of activities like fellatio, fisting, cunnilingus, and sodomy.  Imagine also that this person fully advocates adult-on-child sexual relations (it's called pedophilia), or defends and supports those who do.  Imagine also that this person gets paid over $270,000 per year for helping lead the effort to pervert your children.

Who pays him?

You do.

Who hired him?

Barack Hussein Obama.

What's his name, title, and job description?

Kevin Jennings.  "Safe schools Czar."  His job description is to eradicate the stigma of being a homosexual, by legitimizing sexual deviance.  He, and his supporters, know that desensitizing your Kindergartener to the otherwise shocking idea of an adult inserting his entire fist in her rectum will make the perversion of homosexuality seem so much less-threatening by comparison.

I don't have kids, but I wouldn't leave this scum-sucking piece of shit alone with my dog.

At, Jim Hoft reports that 12 national conservative groups co-endorsed a letter to BHO demanding that Jennings' employment be terminated.  A portion of that letter...

As head of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), Mr. Jennings is on record as promoting liberal sex education and homosexual themes to children as early as Kindergarten.

Now, additional information comes to light regarding Mr. Jenning’s association with GLSEN “Fistgate” Conferences, encouraging extreme sexual practices in children as young as 14. After objections were raised to that matter, Mr. Jennings announced that GLSEN presentations and presenters would be more closely monitored. But then, the following such conference included the handing out of “Fisting Kits” to children. The descriptions of the use of these kits are beyond imagination. To endorse this behavior, much less promote it, is unforgivable.
At the end of his post, Hoft also mentions (and links to) Congressman Michael Burgess' bill, HR 966, and I hope the bill at least gets through committee to the floor of the House.  But at the same time, I'd like to see the bill that similarly calls for the dismissal of the morally bankrupt bastard who hired Jennings, and who continues to defraud the American people: Barack Obama.

I promise you, fair reader, that if you witness the material this guy wants your children to be taught, not just given access to (which is abominable enough), but taught, you'll be as disgusted as I am.

This ain't leadership...this is an eradication of decency.  And it's not an accident.

It's bad enough that unredeemable scum like Jennings is allowed to breathe the air in this country, but it's absolutely gut-wrenching that a United States President could look objectively at someone like this and consider him even remotely qualified to earn a paycheck at the taxpayers' expense...

...much less, much, much, much less than hold any kind of leadership role over the educational fate of children.



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