Friday, October 12, 2012

Asheville Loved Mitt

It's an hour-and-a-half drive to Asheville, and we left the Land of Livermush as quickly as we could.  But, we got there a little later than we'd hoped (4:30pm), although well before the advertised start time (5:30).  Parking nearby was nonexistent, as was anything resembling organized direction/information.  We found a parking garage and walked about a 1/4 mile to the Civic Center.

There were still folks coming in behind us...

But many, many more in front of us...

The Obamabots know their messiah has such a deplorable, indefensible record, of course they endorse "NoBoDy" as a viable 3rd candidate...

All in all, the opposition was small and meaningless...which is exactly representative of who they are.  Mostly, they were a minor irritation, but I wished I'd have thought to show some appreciation for this guy (at far right, with the RR Money sign).  Dude!  You're on the wrong side.  Money is a good thing.  It represents value, as in "You have this skill, or trade, or product, or service, and I have these folding American dollars...let's trade!'ll be good for both of us...and Governor Romney is YOUR GUY!"...

On the citizens' side of the barricade, everyone was just lovely.  We're smarter, more well-read, smell better, are much much nicer, and there's so many more of us.

Romney in Asheville 12-1011 from liv erm'ush on Vimeo.

The exit from the parking garage, after the event, was the worst challenge to our patience.  We sat in a line on level three for over an hour without moving.  There was only one exit lane, and a guy in a tee shirt with "SHERIFF" on it, took each driver's ticket and stuck it in the machine (which each driver could have done his/herself), and advised against incorrect change ("you'll get back dollar coins...oh, the horror!").  I asked numbnuts sheriff whyfor the delay, and he blamed Gov. Romney (I am NOT making this up) for not telling him sooner about the event.

No, you dipshit, the solution could have easily been: lock the guard-arm in the "up" position, and have a pocketful of change.  He could've just as rationally blamed George Bush.

There were 3 bumper stickers I saw & loved...sorry I didn't get pix of them to share:

"My dog created more shovel-ready jobs than Obama"


"What one thing has Obama done that we want four more years of?"

and my favorite, actually returning to the LoL:

"10 out of 10 idiots prefer Obama"

Ain't it the truth?

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