Saturday, November 23, 2013

Max Velocity: Patriot Dawn - Free Kindle This Weekend

I just finished reading the paperback version, and can (sort of) highly recommend it.  Certainly, I would highly recommend it to the Operators, and would-be-Operators among us, and I'll post a link over on the OathKeepers forum with those guys in mind.

For general consumption, though, the Special Forces nomenclature gets tedious (The ARF's ECP was too FUBAR for OPSEC, so they attached a TACO to their FLIR), and Max's character development leaves a bit to be desired.  Note to Max: If you want a co-author next time to help bridge the gap between the choir and congregation, just drop me a note.  I'll clear some room on the schedule.

That being said, Patriot Dawn The Resistance Rises, is an unbeatable value this weekend: FREE kindle download at

Platforms for other "E-readers", also, apparently.

Gitcha some, y'all.

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