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This label is Sister Toldjah's concoction, not mine.  And certainly not GWR's, either, so far as I know.  A favorite strategy of a leftist/collectivist is to belittle its opposition by defining it into an unflattering box, such as her newly-fashioned, "true-cons".  Ouch, don't do me like that.

One of the longest-standing inhabitants of my blogroll (right over there) is Sister Toldjah.  In fact, I like her so good, that I link her up twice.  I don't read everything that's posted there, but when I do, I expect a better product than collectivist drivel, regardless the nature of that collective.

Her diligence in exposing "liberal" dishonesty and corruption is exemplary, and she's generally a voice of sanity rising above the din over in North Carolina's Little Austin (Asheville).  So, prominently ensconced in my blogroll she'll remain.

But that doesn't mean that she's always right, or beyond reproach.  And whenever she decides that criticism (of her pal Phineas) is better stifled, than debated, well, reproach is what's for dinner.

Phineas found himself in grand company: Thomas Sowell, Charles Krauthammer, Jason Lewis et al, with his argument against Ted Cruz's filibustering stance, and Congress' looming shut-down of the Fed-Gov last month.  Phineas didn't want Republicans to look bad, and used Bogart's Sam Spade character from The Maltese Falcon as an example of how perilous a tightrope walk it would be to publically battle Obamacare, while trying not to be seen as an oppositional force to a popular pResident, which may cost Republicans a vote in 2014.

I'm glad Phineas wants to be on the side that doesn't like Obamacare or its authors.  But, I don't just see that monstrosity's demise as a victory for Republicans.  The prospect of R's in this hall or that assembly is no longer even a moral victory.  I oppose Obamacare, not for it's perceived failure to improve medicine or insurance or pharmaceuticals, but because its core purpose has always been to effect evermore sinuous governmental control over this country's citizens (I say perceived failure, because it was never meant to succeed).

And, if you like that piece of wisdom, you can keep it.  Period.

Here's the coup de grace that the Sister used to slam the critics of her beloved Phineas:

Got it, guys – staunch conservatives like Phineas and myself who have fought tooth and nail against big government liberalism for years (decades) are “part of the problem” and shining examples of the white flag coalition simply because we disagreed on the best strategy when it came to opposing Obamacare.

Good to know.

I get so sick of this “true cons” bull sh*t. I’m closing this thread before I lose it. If either of you have anything further to say to me on this you can do it over email. We’re done here.

Actually, I have much more to say.  But it'll be said in the light, not in the email realm.  And my take is, if you can't stand a bloody nose, then you aren't fighting "tooth and nail."

I also believe that it's telling that she says, in the next few words no less, it's "big government liberalism..." that they're fighting against.  Not just big government, or liberalism, either of which is bad, but which she doesn't distinguish, but such that the natural rejoinder might be, "so, you'd be okay with big government, if it weren't so liberal?"  And this is where Phineas' argument for opposition without resistance devolves to a point beyond being simply excusably weak.  It's wrong, bad wrong.

If you're a "shining example" of anything, I should hope for your sake the white flag coalition would be preferable to McCain/Graham/Boehner enablers, because that's who wins using Phineas' "strategy."  I believe that my immediate response to Phineas in that first piece of his was, "How's that working out for you so far, brainiac?"

No, you're not "part of the problem" just because you disagree on the best strategy.  But, if your so-called strategy includes criticizing Cruz or remanufacturing something as hideously wicked as government "healthcare" just so you can win an election, then you certainly are a big part of the problem.  If the only battle you're willing to fight is one to expand your collective, then you are no better than them, but simply a different pale pastel.

Socialism-lite is not acceptable.  And so long as there is a white flag coalition, the GOP remains deceased.  And, I'm not convinced that there'll even be a legitimate 2014 election, for any of us to be angling toward.

The comments are open.  You can actually type "bull shit" here, if you like, spell it all the way out.  I won't shut down an argument for the hurt of a few feelings.

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