Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Replacements

No, I not talking about the rock 'n roll band.

I'm talking about those candidates to be Kay Hagan's replacement for US Senate.  These three are all good people, but one really stands out.

Mark Harris thinks he'd make a great leader, and I tend to agree with him.  He thinks people get elected here in North Carolina for their leadership skills, and that those folks in Washington, DC are just poor leaders.  I disagree with him on both those points, but due to the same premise.  I don't need political leadership, and neither do the other citizens of this state.  If we need anything from a politician, it's representation that stands opposed to Washington, DC.  He should continue to lead his congregation.

Heather Grant is probably the nicest of the three.  I truly sense that she wants to be part of the solution.  And, I believe she recognizes that the Left is not just misguided, but wicked.  Certainly, she'd be a quantum leap in the right direction after the disastrous Kay Hagan (in a way not unlike how anything improves the taste in your mouth after you've bitten into a not-quite-ripe persimmon).  But, I'm not convinced she could effectively rebut the clever rhetoric of the Marxists.

It's easy to see why Rand Paul endorses Greg Brannon, though.  Just listening to Brannon, reminded me of Sen. Paul: relatively soft-spoken, with the confidence of his convictions.  For example, he responds to a question regarding healthcare by saying that there's a "healthcare crisis because government got involved in a Free Market apparatus.  Government caused the problem."  Enjoy this video from NC Tea Party.

He had me at "Individual Sovereignty" and "Constitutional Dollar".  This is what the Tea Party is all about.

Hey Kay, pack your shit.

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