Monday, January 27, 2014

No Use (UPDATE: Enlightened)

It seems to me that the harder I study, the less I know.

Case in point, I think that at least 99% of Dinesh D'Souza's fans are singing in Mark Steyn's choir.  And vice versa.

Why then, would Steyn, in a SteynOnline article today, preface his thoughts by writing, "I have no use for Dinesh D'Souza..."?  He may well have reason for his professed lack of utility, but unless it's particularly notorious, why say so?

Someone help me out here.  Anyone?


(UPDATE) Apparently I wasn't the only one so perplexed...

Steyn says, "Some readers demanded to know what I meant by that "no use" crack."

And points to this, his review of D'Souza's "appalling" book.  There you have it.

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