Monday, January 6, 2014

Believe It Can't Happen Here? (Updated) (Updated Again)

Then take one giant step back into the land of reality.

The Daily Caller reports on Brunswick County/ Boiling Spring Lakes/ Southport cops shooting and killing murdering an 18 year-old schizophrenic in his own home, after he'd been subdued, because the cops "didn't have time" to otherwise deal with him.

Trusting cops (also known as "the only ones competent to bear firearms") is the last thing you should consider in any kind of emergency.  Or, for that matter, any other time.  Even here.

We'll report back if/when these murderers are named.

(UPDATED): Alyssa Rosenberg with WWAY NewsChannel 3 says that the shooter was a Southport police officer, and reports that Southport Chief Jerry Dove has the officer suspect on "administrative leave".

Let's hear from this gun thug about the screwdriver threat as he perceived it.  Let's get an interview with the Police Chief about what kind of urgent business compels Southport officers to shoot kids.


WWAY reports now, without Southport PD naming him as the shooter, Chief Jerry "JV" Dove says Officer Bryon Vassey has been placed on administrative leave.  Regrettably, a website for the Southport PD does not include pictures of the (accused) murderer or his accomplices.

I thought about posting a quote from their "Mission Statement" page regarding their professed "values", but my breakfast hasn't yet settled... Help yourself, if you're so inclined.

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