Friday, January 10, 2014

An Open Letter to Mark Levin

I'm a fan, Mark.  You know that.

But, I learned whilst visiting Brock's place that you have issues with the 10th Amendment Center and the concept of Nullification.  And worse, he says you have derogatory things to say about Judge Napolitano.  I'm still learning about Nullification, but in a measure of scholarship credibility between you and the Judge, I'm afraid you'll be found woefully lacking.

Partly due to your infatuation with "Honest Abe", I've long sensed some condescension from you, Mr. Levin, regarding the South.  So, I'd be interested to hear your definition, and defense, of the term "neo-confederate", that you supposedly used to characterize Dr. Tom Woods.  I've listened to the name-calling on your show, and confess that I got a kick out of it when you called the New Jersey Governor "Krispy Kreme", so I know that's your shtick.  But, I'm inclined to be on Dr. Woods' side here.

Let's hear your debating skill, absent the snark.  Is your term "neo-confederate" another way of shouting "raaaaaaciiiiiiiist" to dead-end an argument?  That's a tactic that we know the Statists use, and it's fine to turn it back on them, but let's not use it against each other, m'kay?  Could you win a debate on the strength of your Constitutional scholarship?

I'd like to suggest Brit Hume to be the moderator/scorekeeper.  Choose your weapons (co-debaters) Mark, and let there be some real dialog about the Constitution!  I believe it'll be an invaluable learning experience for all America.

Man up, or shut up, Buttercup!  If you win, I'll keep the link to right there in the sidebar.  If you lose (or refuse to play), Dr. Woods' site will replace yours.

There, I said it!

Full disclosure: I'm still sore about getting suckered into that scam of yours.


  1. I guess it's nigh impossible to sell your Liberty Amendments scheme, if there's a better argument for the existing 10th as a remedy to the festering trouble.

    If you expect him to protect his book and radio show franchises at all costs, then "fat chance" is right. If you think his impassioned patriotism compels him to risk all he has and muster on THIS Lexington green, then how can he miss the opportunity?

    There's plenty of evidence to expect either, but I won't hold my breath.