Friday, January 3, 2014

Naked Into the River

Two videos for you today, little short-attention spanners.  Mount up!

Soon, the naked evil of this would-be emperor and socialism itself will begin to dawn on the citizenry.  And, we'll be there chasing the bad guys into the river.

"To many who have watched the transition from socialism to fascism at close quarters the connection between the two systems has become increasingly obvious, but in the democracies the majority of people still believe that socialism and freedom can be combined.  They do not realize that democratic socialism, the great utopia of the last few generations, is not only unachievable, but that to strive for it produces something utterly different.  As has been aptly said, 'What has always made the state a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven.'" -Friedrich A. Hayek in The Road to Serfdom.


  1. Except for perhaps Judge Napolitano, there's no one I'd rather have than Bill...if I thought there remained a political solution to our downward spiral. But alas, I am hopeful yet unconvinced.

    Bill did address this question recently in an episode of The Stratosphere Lounge (, and admitted (interestingly enough) that he's been drafted as a speech-writer for a leading candidate. Presidential eligibility & candidacy talk begins at the 1:15:08 mark.