Friday, April 18, 2014

Efficiency & Economy of Action

Dear Reader, if you use this space to scroll through my bloglist as a "reading favorites file" (which is a totally worthwhile exercise all by itself), you'll have already read excerpts of this essay, or followed through the links to read the source entirely, at either Western Rifle Shooters or Cold Fury.  If you have one ounce of give-a-damn left, about what happens to you and anyone you care about, go read this today...please.

Take the time you'd otherwise piss away on the Braves game or The View or even Duck Dynasty, and read this thing.  It's a blog post by a taxi driver, and the most important news you'll have gotten thus far, this year.
Wheeler said, “I believe in efficiency and economy of action. You wouldn’t trade one hundred of those criminal bastards for ten million of your fellow Americans?”

And, chew on this paragraph:

But whatever you do, when your kid dies, don’t do news conferences, don’t start blogging, don’t start calling out the government publicly, don’t become an activist, don’t go on FOX News, and definitely don’t become an embarrassment or a pain in the ass to this government, lest you find yourself being gang-audited by the IRS, if not declared a terrorist and having your door kicked in by armored agents at 4 in the morning, who are here to shoot your dog, terrorize the rest of your kids, and to take you to an undisclosed location in zip ties, where there are no lawyers, no phones, no sunlight, the food really sucks, and no one can confirm or deny that they have ever heard of you.

Most of the time, I feel very much, in the blogosphere and in everyday life.  And, that's okay.  Being outspoken makes others uncomfortable, and everyone who knows me prefers the unserious me to the serious version.  Hell, I prefer the unserious me, too!  But, very soon, my habit of sticking my thumb in the tyrant's eyeball is going to reap some unpleasant repercussions for this livermush aficionado.

If you'll read it, you'll gain a thorough understanding of my outlook.  An even better idea would be to read it and print it out.  Then, read it again when (not if) I'm arrested.

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