Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Harry Reidses There, Here, and Everywhere

The Bundy's won the battle, and the BLM skedaddled.  It's a victory for America, Americans, and the concept of individual (and state) sovereignty.  But, we are already hearing about the Federales' plans to ratchet up the numbers and firepower of their forces.  Harry says it ain't over, and I firmly believe it.

On Harry's side, believe it or not, is Tucker Carlson.  Last night, he said that the "bottom line" is that the Bundy's are violating the law, and that it's hard to get behind them knowing that.

My response to Tucker is "which law?"  If the federal government passes a law that says that no one is henceforward allowed to contradict Juan Williams on Faux News' All-Star Panel, is Tucker just going to move his cattle off that show?  In an "America" where the federal government makes laws that perpetuate their own scope of authority, enforces laws when/if that suits their agenda, uses their own federal court system to reinforce their "rights", and brazenly flaunts the supreme law of the land, all while consistently working to file down the 2A teeth of that law, at what point do you begin to feel like some civil disobedience (and that of the uncivil kind) might be warranted?

Note to Tucker: You're next.  Don't think you've done anything to merit the heavy hand of government thuggery?  Either they haven't caught you yet, or they haven't enforced that regulation yet, or Juan Williams' equality lobbyist hasn't quite yet gotten to enough "legislators" to crony up a deal that disfavors you and "your kind".  The bottom line is that everything is against the law, and you're as guilty as Cliven Bundy.

Just a passing thought...I wonder what the "Bing Pulse" registered when viewers saw two lefties on the Panel, and the first words coming from the one "good guy" were to highlight the illegality of an American hero's cattle, echoing the sentiments of the BLM!

And a note to those "SWATting"-up, and everyone watching: you're going to meet some fierce comeuppance in Bunkerville...but, that's not the only neighborhood with tyrants who are worthy targets of opportunity.  That is, Bunkerville is a fine place to get in this fight, but with fuel prices as they are, some of us may just elect to exercise our right to purge government of our own versions of Dingy Harry.  Call it thinking globally, acting locally.

Happy Fred's Birthday y'all.  No report filing to the tyrants from this house; no other significance to this date.  We've withdrawn our consent, and with it our funds.


Because when government refuses to abide by the law, there is no law.

And fuck you, that's why.

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