Friday, April 11, 2014

Gettin' Sporty

For those of you, friends and family and such, that have referred to this soapbox of mine as something you "tolerate", either to my face or to each other in my absence, consider what your brand of tolerance is getting you.  That is, what else have you proven willing to tolerate?

Your side has snipers aimed at ranchers.  And, they've got attack dogs and barricades keeping witnesses at bay, or otherwise in their place (i.e. their "free speech zones").

I don't necessarily advocate subscribing to everything Alex Jones says, but this video contains an interview with the rancher in question, Cliven Bundy.  Tell me he doesn't remind y'all of somebody we all know, appearance-wise at least, anyway, if certainly not for a divergent degree of chumminess with the fedgovco.

Some of Bundy's neighbors have voiced a lack of support for him, because they believe he's presumed some benefits to this grazing land that they can't or haven't similarly claimed.  If they want to withhold their support, that's all well and good.  But, if they want to side with the BLM who's busy stealing this man's cattle and beating his son for having the audacity to photograph them doing so, then I say they have their own agenda that would love to supplant Mr. Bundy's cattle, and fuck them.

Just like the war on guns is NOT about the control of firearms, this episode is about putting citizens under the ever-enlarging thumb of the federal government.  If you're okay with them taking his cattle today, regardless of how they "justify" it, tomorrow it'll be your fruit trees or guitar factory or the spring where your family has gotten its fresh clean water for 150 years.  Somebody, somewhere has a desert tortoise or sage grouse or spotted newt whose perilous existence you're threatening just by going about your own business without the tyrant's permission and regulatory control.

If a political solution were possible, there'd be some Nevada legislator(s) publicly demanding the Nevada State Police begin evicting the BLM thugs, instead of making speeches to the assembled Nevada citizens that are there protesting.  Or, there'd be a Governor publically admonishing the BLM to back off.

But there ain't.  And the concept of voting our way out of this hole is now ancient history.

The solution to a tyrant drunk on its own power is defiance and resistance.  Perhaps we can resume the polite discourse sometime later.

Here, we're keeping an eye to Free North Carolina, WRSA, Sipsey Street, Cold Fury, et al until it gets hot.  But I dare say our tolerance is about shot to fuck.

Go ahead mister BLM sniper boy, mister thug-arm of the tyrant.  Pull that trigger.  Make your kind just as endangered as that desert tortoise, if not much more so.

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