Friday, April 25, 2014

Still Bundy'd

Nope.  The demonize-Bundy tactic didn't faze me.  And, I hope that when the forces of FedGovCo and StateMediaCo are similarly aligned against me (and/or you, for that matter, gentle reader) that good people choose to see through the flash-bangs and hear beyond the noise-makers.

From over here in work-for-it-yourself land, the question of whether "X" group of people is "collectively" better off enslaved to the State than enslaved to the plantation owner is moot.  And, the point is, if those of us here in yes-we-did-build-that land are forced to comment on those others, we're going to lament the sad fact that "X"-group has chosen to trade one set of shackles for another.

That doesn't make me or Cliven dislike that group.

But, the pretense that I, or Cliven, should abandon our individuality or independence in favor of the sameness version of equality is offensive.

Cliven Bundy is out there taking their arrows, and has been for some 20-plus years.  I support his absolute fundamental right to offend every last person in America, and to be left alone by that big steamroller of homogeny.  Don't like it?  Get your own ass up off the porch.

A tip o' the cap to you, Mr. Bundy.  Some of the lightweights will fall away, but we're still with you.

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