Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vigilance Committee Responds to Roadside Gang Rape

With deadly consequences for those rapists

That's a fictional headline and subtitle today, but perhaps not for tomorrow or the very near future.

Because, when you legal gang-bangers "catch" the wrong guy with your DUI bat-mobile and exercise your presumption of "implied consent", my imaginary wrong guy's consent is going to get him a few clicks up the road, on the phone to his friends, to his gun-safe and back to settle things up in the most gruesome fashion conceivable.

The "evidence" you collected from his blood or saliva or urine sample will burn along with your very flesh and your bat-mobile, Mr. State Terrorist.  And those of us who've had enough of your thuggery will howl with glee.

Or, maybe he doesn't call his friends.  Maybe he doesn't have any, and maybe only his self-respect and his concept of Liberty remain for him on this earth, with nothing else to lose.  And his armor-piercing rounds will heartily scoff at your qualified immunity!

Concerned American said to disseminate the following far and wide...

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