Monday, June 30, 2014

One Means Well, One Not So Much

A couple of videos for a Monday morning, while I work on something a bit more substantial.  To appreciate the first, I suppose you have to still believe there's a political solution to 'Murika's undoing.  Pretty good cast of characters he proposes, but useless, I suspect, until we've let the dystopian fist-fuck fantasy play itself out...

The 2nd video features the proper use (and preferred outcome) of video recording an "interaction" with State-approved law enforcer.  Especially juicy that A) Officer Safety changes his threatening demeanor after learning of the recording device, as well as B) his half-admitted guilt for speeding and the rain!

Trucker pulls over State Trooper.  Classic.

"Unlawful use of horn."

I hope that shaming Officer Safety thusly, didn't precipitate some other citizen getting his or her dog executed.

"Enjoy that citation-free MCS inspection (...I'll be sure to tell my thug-pals your wife is home alone while you're driving these next 3.5 hours, buddy)."

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