Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Harsh But True

Government insurance and healthcare will never be as cheap or valuable as a genuine free market system for one reason: It's the math, Stupid.

Market Ticker - Why We're Doomed

Mr. Denninger uses birth control as an example: "(T)he fact remains that they work and are the choice of birth control that millions of women make.  By doing so under the "current system" those millions of women are getting screwed out of billions of dollars and forcibly screwing everyone else at the same time."(emphasis in original)

That's what birth-control is supposed to facilitate: screwing and getting screwed.  But, the good news should be that America actually has laws currently in place that thwart that screwing in the healthcare industry, the same as in other industry.

"Roughly one dollar in five spent today in the United States goes toward health care.  This is double what other developed, industrial nations spend and virtually all of them have socialist health care systems. Capitalism always beats socialism because capitalism adds the motive to undercut your competitor(s) on price along with developing new means of efficiency that lower your cost, allowing you to earn the same margin while charging less money.  It is this motivation that has led to $200 TVs that weight 25% as much, use a fifth of the energy and have four times the resolution of a TV set 20 years ago that cost $800.  It is this motivation that has led to the development of $35 computers the size of a pack of cigarettes that are 200 times faster and have more than 1,000 times the memory of a $2,500 computer sold in the 1980s.  It is this motivation that has led to the development of $50 cellphones you can hold in your hand, have a $30/month "all you can talk" bill and run a week on a charge with 30 minutes of talking a day.  The same capability used to require a device the size of a small briefcase that cost $1,000, it weighed 20 pounds, had a battery that was good for an hour of talk time and cost $2/minute to send or receive a call."

And the reason the FedGuv does NOT enforce 15USCode to shut down these monopolies is that by allowing (and colluding with) them, the state-apparatus magnify and solidify their power, which is what government "healthcare" is, and has ever been, all about, anyway.  And this is, once again, why the rule of law is dead in America.

Will the Trump administration stem the tide?  He or his healthcare advisor (or better yet, the Justice Department) need only read this and act accordingly.  Of course, just like the potential for prosecuting Hillary, the ClintonCrimeFam, and the pedophile-Podesta-conglomerate, those cancerous tentacles of BigGuv power are so deeply insinuated, the cancer itself will certainly react with much violence.

I'm not holding my breath.

Please read the whole thing.

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