Sunday, July 20, 2014

Welcome to Whomville, Peon

From Kevin D. Williamson, National Review Online
The foundation of classical liberalism, and of the American order, is not the rule of law, a written constitution, freedom of speech and worship, one-man/one-vote democracy, or the Christian moral tradition — necessary as those things are. The irreplaceable basis for a prosperous, decent, liberal, stable society is property. Forget Thomas Jefferson’s epicurean flourish — John Locke and the First Continental Congress had it right on the first go-round: “Life, liberty, and property.” Despite the presence of the serial commas in that formulation, these are not really three different things: Perhaps we should render the concept “lifelibertyproperty” the way the physicists write about “spacetime.”
If you'd like, dear friends, a brief essay this Sunday morning that clearly defines the anguish many of us feel over our government, then spend 10 minutes reading and 20 minutes contemplating this from Mr. Williamson.

I'm going to leave early for church...see if I can get a seat on the back row.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Penman

I love stories that cast those rascals in more accurate, but less-favorable light than what my public indoctrination officials preached years ago.  Case in point, this from Tom Daniel and the Abbeville Institute:
That night, right there in that dark and cold cemetery, I launched into a fiery performance for the reasonable sensibility of state’s rights and the necessity of secession. I mean I brought that man up from the grave, walked him around, and pounced on each group that stopped by. Nearby, at another part of the cemetery, they were playing “Dixie” at the site of a mass grave for brave Texas volunteers who died in an Auburn hospital and never made it home, and it was the perfect surreal accompaniment for the temporary resurrection of The Penman of the Secession. I rapidly got pretty good at timing my remarks to the phrases of “Dixie.”
But by far, the best part of each performance came when I recited Samford’s original words of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” and concluded by telling each group that my words were stolen by that “skunk Abraham Lincoln.” The shocked gasps that erupted from each group was well worth it.
Where are today's fire-eaters and penmen of Secession, I wonder?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dust Radio

A Film About Chris Whitley

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bracken Wants You

...To put the Enemies trilogy in front of "libs".  He says that he wants his books to be noticed by the other side, rather than just those of us in the choir.  So, please alert everyone you know:
Matt's prophetic fiction warned Americans about those dangers that were just ahead, and has proven, unfortunately, to be terrifyingly accurate.  If you asked him, he'd say that it's not rocket-science, that all he's done is applied the exact same historical trends to our current political and cultural climate.  He's an avid student of history, and he just plainly knows what to expect from "D", when A, B, and C all line themselves up.
I've read each of these twice, now, and I can't think of any work that I'd more enthusiastically recommend to any person who looks at our world and sees chaos or dysfunction.
Or, how about this: Let's say you don't have a Kindle or other E-reader, but you'd like to know why I keep praising Bracken and his work.  For the first five persons commenting below who haven't read EFAD, I'll arrange to deliver you an autographed paperback copy.  100% free to you.
That goes for those of you who consider yourselves "lib", or otherwise.  Matter of fact, if you're Charles Krauthammer, Andrew Klavan, or anyone at Faux News who tend to be shocked(!) at the news you're reporting on or analyzing, or you believe there'll be a favorable natural correction looming just down the road, or you believe there's a snowball's chance of our voting our way out of this mess, I will buy you the first book.
Starting tomorrow, free on Kindle.  Starting today, free on the Livermush Guy.  Go.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Abe's Legacy Wasn't Freedom, But Slavery

And, it was the Southern man's freedom they sought to abolish, not the institution of chattel slavery.  For the South, there was no choice but secession.  They were already being treated as 2nd class citizens and effectively had no voice in the growing central government.

Brock does a great service for North Carolinians interested in the real history of our state and the real history of the War for Southern Independence, by frequently posting excerpts from "The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial".
An excerpt from a recent excerpt, highlights the contrast between an honorable President Jefferson Davis, and the scoundrel "Honest" Abe Lincoln...
By this cunning device and the unscrupulous employment of deception and falsehood in his interviews with the commissioners, Mr. Seward accomplished the double purpose of successful imposition upon the credulity of the commissioners and evasion of official recognition of the Confederate embassy. 
In the meantime . . . the Lincoln administration was secretly preparing hostile measures, and, as was clearly demonstrated by subsequent revelations, had never seriously entertained any of the propositions submitted by the Confederate Government. Resolved not to evacuate Fort Sumter, the Federal Government, while amusing the Confederate commissioners with cunning dalliance, had for weeks been meditating the feasibility of reinforcing it.
Mr. Anonymous, hope you're still following along.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

We Can Has Mellow?

No.  You cannot have mellow.  Because Mike sees it as his job to harsh it.
And harsh it he does.  A clip:
Insofar as he’s the first American president since Wilson who swore an oath to protect and defend a document he despised and had every intention of tearing to pieces from the git-go, Obama is damned near unique. I don’t think even Clinton bore as much hostility to the Constitution as this fraudulent Constitutional “scholar” does–not even close, really. I guess what we have to hope for now is that, in his historical distinction as a truly insidious Oval Office radical, he’s more of an anomaly than a portent. I regret to admit that I’m not Pollyanna enough to place any bets on that one; I’m gonna have to leave that department to Klavan and Krauthammer, and keep my money on rebellion and resistance instead.

I don't know how we'll ever convince our friends and neighbors how serious and perilous things really are, if folks like Klavan and Krauthammer, and others who are actually looking at the world through educated scrutinizing eyeballs, fail to acknowledge the sinister for what it is.
I'm glad Mike can, and does, though.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Comedy & Tragedy

I'd prefer to focus on the light-hearted and fun.  So, this post started as an effort to entertain.  A little moonbat mockery for your Sunday morning...
A sample:
They're depressed. Defeated. And dying on account of being deprived. 
Newspapers from the day, back in July through November 2014, report sightings of bereft young women howling in the streets, desperate for some way to ameliorate their Supreme Court-mandated deprivation in that 0.25% of national companies whose provenance is religious Christian, such as that dastardly and uncompromising Hobby Lobby, which began the mysterious pestilence that felled so many millions of entertaining, enterprising, highly educated women of child-bearing and unbearable age.
"Woe is us!" mewled a toned customer coming out of Lululemon with stretchy pale pastel yoga workout clothing. "I am terrified I might suddenly find myself pregnant! Where can I go? My company offered only 16 varieties of birth control, not the four I particularly need for my blood type and afflicted mental status."

Pretty entertaining, if that's what you'd like for a Sunday.  Check it out.

But, my disposition keeps getting a gravitational pull more toward the tragic...From Kenny the Knuckle-Dragger, posted in its entirety, as requested at WRSA:

My Fourth of July Post - by Wirecutter
The Fourth has always been a special day for me. Anybody that knows me knows I’m not big on holidays. Christmas and Thanksgiving are a pain as far as preparations go and having to deal with family that doesn’t want anything to do with me the rest of the year, Easter – I’m surprised they still celebrate Easter seeing as it’s offensive to muslims and liberals, Veteran’s and Memorial day always rubbed me wrong because those are days for memories that should be thought of everyday, Labor Day is just an excuse for a barbecue, but the Fourth to me was always special because of the anniversary it represents.
Not anymore. The Fourth is nothing but a reminder of what a mess our Nation has become. Our Founding Fathers and the Citizens of that period sacrificed everything to ensure Freedom for their descendants and immigrants coming here to seek a better life for themselves and their families. There were provisions in the Constitution to prevent the new government from becoming what they were trying to get out from under. The Bill of Rights came later naming our basic human rights so that future generations wouldn’t pervert the Yellowed Paper in order to grant them powers that weren’t theirs to begin with.
Now I get up in the morning and read what the government wants me to read. If the press isn’t in lockstep with the president then they aren’t allowed in his press corp. If you file for something under the Freedom of Information Act, you see only what the government wants you to see, everything else is blacked out.
(Read it all, please.)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Videos

New videos from Bracken and Whittle.  How fireworks-worthy is that?

I'm going to have me a couple of those toys.

I never knew that Washington had lost his eyesight, but if he were alive today, I bet he'd gouge his own eyes out at the sight of what his country (and his pains to make it) had become.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Hast Thou Seen The White Whale?"

I had read or heard that William F. Buckley once said after reading Moby-Dick at the age of 50, "To think that I might have died and never read it."  Now, I can't find that quote attributed to him or anyone else.  Odd.  Frustratingly odd.
I'm now 51, and have just finished reading Moby-Dick this past weekend.  It took me longer than it should have, due in part, I'm quite sure, to the inherent distractions of being a 51-year-old.  Do I recall correctly that Buckley had read it on a transatlantic sailing voyage?  If not, can we blame age itself, for mixing up literary allusions as a prank?
I was captivated and mesmerized in the early, let's say, third of the novel, by the basic richness of every sentence.  But, somewhere in the middle, that same richness got to be a little fattening.  By the final third, I'd grown weary of cross-referencing every allusion (and the novel is chock slam full of those), that I was mainly reading to cross the finish line and be done with it.
Now, after having done the finishing, and looking back on it, I can only say that I hope to live long enough to read it again.  Which, of course, implies the leisure to do so.  On a sailing voyage, perchance.
From Wikipedia, a phrase on its style that gets straight to the heart of the Moby-Dick reading experience, I think: Most of all, the book is language, or, as Bryant and Springer sum up: "nautical, biblical, Homeric, Shakespearean, Miltonic, cetological, alliterative, fanciful, colloquial, archaic, and unceasingly allusive."[36] The last two words are the most significant, for they describe the most Melvillean of the characteristics of Melville's prose. Yet Bryant and Springer mention another one: "Most amazing are the paragraph-long sentences that defy the gravity of normal syntax, and yet stay grammatical and alive."[36]
Allusive...unceasingly so...indeed.  I wonder if anyone has ever quantified the allusions in Moby-Dick.  That would truly be quite a feat.  Perhaps I'll even have the leisure to do that when I read it the second time.
Worth noting that I read the entire novel online via and the experience was surely impacted by the limitations thereupon.  A second reading will hopefully be of a more portable and natural medium.
I can say that hunting the Leviathan didn't kill me, or even cost me a leg.  And, I shall hunt him again.  As should you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vigilance Committee Responds to Roadside Gang Rape

With deadly consequences for those rapists

That's a fictional headline and subtitle today, but perhaps not for tomorrow or the very near future.

Because, when you legal gang-bangers "catch" the wrong guy with your DUI bat-mobile and exercise your presumption of "implied consent", my imaginary wrong guy's consent is going to get him a few clicks up the road, on the phone to his friends, to his gun-safe and back to settle things up in the most gruesome fashion conceivable.

The "evidence" you collected from his blood or saliva or urine sample will burn along with your very flesh and your bat-mobile, Mr. State Terrorist.  And those of us who've had enough of your thuggery will howl with glee.

Or, maybe he doesn't call his friends.  Maybe he doesn't have any, and maybe only his self-respect and his concept of Liberty remain for him on this earth, with nothing else to lose.  And his armor-piercing rounds will heartily scoff at your qualified immunity!

Concerned American said to disseminate the following far and wide...

Monday, June 30, 2014

One Means Well, One Not So Much

A couple of videos for a Monday morning, while I work on something a bit more substantial.  To appreciate the first, I suppose you have to still believe there's a political solution to 'Murika's undoing.  Pretty good cast of characters he proposes, but useless, I suspect, until we've let the dystopian fist-fuck fantasy play itself out...

The 2nd video features the proper use (and preferred outcome) of video recording an "interaction" with State-approved law enforcer.  Especially juicy that A) Officer Safety changes his threatening demeanor after learning of the recording device, as well as B) his half-admitted guilt for speeding and the rain!

Trucker pulls over State Trooper.  Classic.

"Unlawful use of horn."

I hope that shaming Officer Safety thusly, didn't precipitate some other citizen getting his or her dog executed.

"Enjoy that citation-free MCS inspection (...I'll be sure to tell my thug-pals your wife is home alone while you're driving these next 3.5 hours, buddy)."

Friday, June 27, 2014

Ambassador Chelsea Calls For Help

As a follow-up to the previous post, I'm curious what would or should happen when an ambassador calls for assistance.
Hypothetical situation...
Let's say that Chelsea is Ambassador to Mexico.  She calls up the State Dept. and requests 10 additional security personnel, stating unequivocally that she's observed increased activity form Cartel gang-bangers.
  • Who receives that request, and how high does it go prior to approval/denial?
  • What are the resources?  That is, how many hard-charging operators are waiting for such a request?
  • They're hanging out there in the break-room at the State Dept., these security peeps, or there's some lag time for a recruiting process?
  • How often, and under what circumstances, are such requests ignored or denied?
  • If the response (or lack thereof) is unsatisfactory to Chelsea, what options remain for her?  Can she go over Mom's head to Dad?
  • Would she, in theory, accept a diplomatic assignment, if there wasn't explicit guarantees of adequate security?  Or, would those "guarantees" be somehow conditional?
  • How complicated would it be to deliver 10 (or 20, or 13, or 6, or even two) security personnel in a week?
  • If you were State, and left that request unanswered or denied, under what rationale could you claim incompetence, as opposed to negligence or complicity?
  • Is the State Department just another bureaucracy, not unlike the VA, where requests for assistance sit ignored in someone's "can't think about that today" bin?
 Given the above hypothetical, what other questions might be warranted?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Operation: Hillary's Footprint

They called it "Zero" Footprint, obviously after you-know-who.  But, you know Hilly had her big difference-making skankopotamus paw in it.  As did the CIA.  As did the MS-8 (Gang of Eight, that is: Boehner, Pelosi, Rogers, Ruppersberger, McConnell, Reid, Feinstein, and Chambliss).

What'd they do?

In short, it looks like they arranged to arm terrorists in Libya via straw buyer, the UAE, with delivery managed by Qatar.  You know, so they wouldn't leave any footprints in the sandbox.

It is significant to point out that our involvement in the Libyan conflict excluded AFRICOM, under General Carter Ham. The mission was handed over to NATO. Nothing moved in and out of Libya without the approval of NATO. Admiral Stavridis, NATO commander, had to authorize any of the armed shipments that came in there.
Chris Stevens was embedded in Benghazi to help coordinate those arms shipments. At the instructions of State and the CIA, Stavridis (via NATO) used the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the financier of the weapons.

Why would they (Obama, Clinton, G8, CIA, al Qaeda, and Muslim camelpissdrinkerhood) orchestrate such a thing?  Qaddafi dead, Saudis placated, and you terrorized.  That's most of it.


Global Jihad.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014

III Percent Society

Joining the III Percent Society doesn't make you more Patriotic, or means to suggest that you are.  I choose to support them because I think they'll be helping to bridge the gap between our healthy strategic preparedness and our stuttering tactical ...of the cool swag.

The III Percent Mission Statement: Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will, within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Options for joining at low monthly contributions, annual rates, and one-time-fee lifetime levels: go to the III Percent Society site.

Friday, June 20, 2014

We're From the Government

And, we're here to choke you.
From the they wouldn't let that happen department...
"This is a direct attack on every free-market business in America, and every single business should be alarmed. No business should have to operate while questioning daily whether or not they will be the victim of a cease-and-desist order. This will cause uncertainty on Wall Street and uncertainty in the job market, leading to a loss of jobs and devastating the families that rely on them, while irreversibly damaging the economy and threatening consumer choice."

That's Katie Pavlich quoting the US Consumer Coalition.  She thinks that Senatorial oversight and reform to include a committee to rule the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (that's sounds benign, don't it?), rather than an administrator might make that agency less terrorizing, but I can't quite agree.  Actually, I don't agree at all.
I can't help but think that far more extensive surgery, and more invasive, is going to be required.
Your government hates you for your independence, and is prepared to crush you.  What shall you do?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Apres Louis

...Not just inconvenience, oh no.  But, pain, suffering, starvation, poverty, and brutality like we've never imagined.
Best get right with the Lord.  And hang on.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Normalcy Bias

It's going to get a lot of us killed.  And it is not, as the Wikipedia definition suggests, just an inability to imagine that which has never happened, being possible.  It is the possibility, also, that some of the very worst of human history is being intentionally recreated.

I just don't even have the words to add to this; it so completely fleshes out your state of affairs, and what your near future holds, like it or not.
It is not farfetched to assume that such an ongoing concatenation of events as we have enumerated may well comprise a deliberate project meant to inflame social unrest and bring about a civil crisis that would facilitate the ostensible goal of the Obama administration, namely, the “fundamental transformation” of the republic into a socialist welfare state — or a de facto one-party system. Indeed, the various scandals that have plagued the Obama administration — NSA spying on citizens, IRS targeting of conservative organizations, Fast and Furious gun-running operations, illegal deferring of certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act, the exchange of the dubious Bowe Bergdahl for five battle-hardened Taliban insurgents without consulting Congress, thus breaking a law [19] signed by the president himself — are all forms of autocratic practice and are redolent of police-state actions.

One would prefer to regard this hypothesis as the stuff of fiction or unhinged conspiracy theory. But the circumstances described above, considered alongside the president’s Marxist training and Alinskyite methods, as well as a number of new developments, fuel such troubling speculations. These new developments involve a set of curious events within the military establishment. As Larry Kelley writes in Freedom Outpost, “Over the five years of his presidency across all branches of the armed services [Obama] has fired 197 senior officers. Just this year, he fired nine commanding generals, including General Ham, head of US Africa Command, who publicly stated that he disagreed with the order not to send a rescue mission into Benghazi on the night of the attacks when our people were pleading for their lives. Retired and active members of our most elite warriors are openly speculating that an Obama purge of its commanders is under way.”

H/T to Mike at Cold Fury, Future Fear at Pajamas Media...

Frankly, I'd prefer to think that the Corruptocrat-In-Chief is just a moron.  But, I am not that na├»ve.  He may not be the smartest person in the room, but I can't accept that there's no pattern or purpose to it all.
Is this stuff just getting to the ears of the choir, or are there readers out there who've been stirred out of their respective normalcies?  Or, is there anyone reading this who'd care to suggest where Solway is wrong?

If you don't read anything else today, this week, this month, read this.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Urine For Your Cornflakes

I've been working on another/bigger blog post, editing stuff there as I find time between dirt projects.  I came across this story, via Free Republic, and added it to the other thing...But, it wrankled me so thoroughly this morning, I thought I oughtta spread that aggravation around, and include it in this separate post.
You're welcome.
As you've considered the VA scandal, did you think of those executives like Shinseki as just detached figureheads in their ivory towers?  I kinda did.
Well, stop it.  Go find out what the VA, and the guy Shinseki reported to (let me stress that it was just one guy...rhymes with yo' mama) has been prioritizing higher than Veterans' actual healthcare.
And, prepare to be sick with rage.
The VA Scandal began at the Phoenix VA Health Care System where administrators earned promotions and bonuses by shunting patients who needed treatment into fake waiting lists.

But each and every year, from 2009 to 2011, the Phoenix VA Health Care System put in solar panels. The solar panels at the Carl T. Hayden VA in Phoenix cost $20 million.
And let's not just assume that the solution to that malfeasance is/was found in cutting off the head of the snake.  This behavior is endemic.  It is absolutely natural for them that the lives of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are of little significance compared to their green agenda wealth-redistribution scam.