Monday, November 2, 2009

And speaking of RINOs: Allahpundit

Not "Johnny come lately" actually, but Johnny won't STFU.

I've been following the Scozzafava/Hoffman/RNC wrangling and mostly just trying to maintain a sense of objectivity. It rankles me that folks out there could even elect the Snowes and Specters of the world, even simply knowing that they pose as one thing and behave as the opposite of that thing (and once we've witnessed any one person doing this, to any extent in our own lives, don't we stop trusting them?). But it troubles me far more that the Republican party continues to rhetorically and financially support these RINOs, based only upon the value of an "R" after their names.

I dropped in over at Hot Air this morning, to see if I could figure out what measure of justification Allahpundit had found for his support of the giant Mosque that desecrates the memory of the Flight 93 heroes. I didn't get that far, but I did read his report that Newt has decided to back Hoffman.


It might have been a real story, Allahpundit, if Newt had said, "I've finally come to the realization that Dem-Lite, in the hearts and minds of honest Constitution-loving Americans, doesn't really mean Republican." Instead, bandwagon-Newt only wants to be on the winning side, pretending that anyone would even consider letting him drive the wagon. I won't call him a Johnny come lately, I call him irrelevant. And by your excuses for him, you appear to A) fail to recognize that fleeting relevance, and B) prove your own diminishing significance (or worse, your complicity).

Contrary to what Newt thinks (and what you think he thinks, Allahpundit), the strategic value of electing, or backing for election, a rabidly liberty-eating RINO like Scozzafava does nothing to help retake America from the Socialists and apologists and appeasers.

I didn't find anything that told me why you smeared Alec Rawls in support of the terrorists' memorial, but I found enough to show me which side you're not on. When Newt laid down with Gore and Sharpton and Scozzafava, I knew wherein his sympathies aligned. And with your defense of him, your inclinations are now abundantly clear, too. What troubles me, now, is what rationalization does MM have for for a continued association with you?

In a world where liberty and freedom are threatened on every side, a policy of going along to get along is akin to arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

You called Newt her "most prominent Republican supporter." You should print a retraction/correction that clarifies thusly: Newt and Allahpundit are Scozzofava's biggest co-losers, and no repositioning at this point can't change that. To be sure, there was a prominent Republican who weighed in from Alaska, but the force of her stalwart support wasn't as laudable as Newt-come-lately's? Scozzofava quickly climbed into bed with her opponent(!) Owens, and you snuggle up with Newt. Birds of a feather.

News flash: Newt wasn't, and isn't, either prominent or Republican.

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