Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Revenge of the normal"

Let's check the score. In New Jersey, with a knee-jerk-to-the-Left populace, and the Ostrich Media firmly in the tank for the Democratic candidate, and O!Bummer campaigning ardently, no not just campaigning, but campaigning so hard that some folks thought that Obama himself was the incumbent Governor ...for the Democrat, and the Donkey outspending the Elephant 3 to 1, conservative Republican Chris Christy thumped Liberal Democrat Jon Corzine. Christy not only beat Corzine, but did so in spite of an Independent third candidate (that touted himself as conservative) bleeding off some Christy votes. Christy beat Corzine in every demographic.

If you've long since grown sick and tired of the Big Zero's (Obama's) endless campaigning, are you as happy as me this A.M. that he's finally getting the "referendum" he's been looking for?

If 8% of NY-23's voters hadn't pulled the lever for Scuzzy (who refused to drop out of the race) just because she still had the "R" after her name, not to mention the misinformed of her supporters who were duped into voting for Owens based on her endorsement, Hoffman would have trounced Owens. And the Virginia Governor's race decided by nearly 20%? In spite of more Obama campaigning?

Okay, okay, okay. This is your messiah...this is your messiah's big-government schemes...(SPLAT!)...Any questions?

I am so doing the ridiculously embarrassing happy dance this morning.

And, oh yeah...Hey, O!Bummer. I've read where someone suggested that you were waiting on these elections to play out before making a decision to follow Gen. McCrystal's request for more troops. Can you please now man-up, get the fuck out of the way, endorse the troop surge, and let better men than you go finish the job in Afghanistan?

You need a win, dipshit.


  1. You think you're happy I actually live in NJ. It was a rare and proud occasion to be able to send a liberal Gov. packing and give The One the appropriate single digit salute. States issues my ass.

  2. MX, give all your friends and neighbors a high-five, and tell them it's from me.