Wednesday, April 21, 2010

By Definition: Political

As MacAiodh at Red State capably points out, the attack on Bobby Jindal's chief fundraiser Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend, while not strictly a DEM vs. REP display of violence, was by definition a political act.  Either way you look at it...

The subjects, Ms. Bautsch and Mr. Brown, were attacked because of who they were: well-dressed (and presumably affluent) Republican Party staffers.  That factor alone makes the action political in nature.  Plus, the attackers were the last (and presumably most-ardent) of the Iron Rail Book Collective (Gang) protestors remaining on hand at the restaurant (where one other attendee was similarly chased into a cab by the same protestors, a short time earlier).  They are by their own definition a political group, and a particulary unsavory one, at that.  From Red State:

I hardly think it’s necessary to spell this out, but a communist anarchist who makes disparaging remarks based on socioeconomic circumstances about someone he suspects to be a conservative Republican before descending upon said Republican and beating him or her savagely is doing so from a political motive. Economics + communism = politics. It’s not brain surgery. Particularly given that the anarchists’ propaganda both before and after the event was shot through with hateful references to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s “rich friends” and so on.

Given that we now know that people who were at the protest at Brennan’s pursued attendees at the fundraiser on two occasions and successfully attacked attendees once, one has to be incredibly suspicious that Daniel Mauch and Joanna Dubinsky would have “gone dark” the way they did. Perhaps it’s not an admission of guilt, but any cop will tell you that it’s classic guilty behavior. They might as well have fled in a white Bronco.

It's difficult for me to understand why some folks on the Right rush in to paint the assault in muted tones.  That's no less dishonest than the moonbats who claim they heard racist epithets hurled by Tea Partiers.

It also troubles me that Governor Jindal, hasn't publicly lit a fire under the investigation.  I'm sure there's something to be said for maintaining some distance to avoid tainting the investigation, but Jindal reportedly has aspirations to the national stage.  From the speeches I've heard him make, he seems like a likeable political figure, not yet convincing as a strong leader.  Visable leadership evidence at this point means a lot.  For my money, give me someone who defaults toward being a aggressive, competent leader rather than assuming a hands-off posture from the shallow end of the pool.  Or worse, doing nothing.

Reference Red State for the complete text excerpted above, and be sure to swing by The Hayride for the most recent coverage.  Not for nothing, but which major political party would you suspect these Iron Rail dipshits would be more apt to share a drink with?

Just sayin'.

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