Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Civil Disobedience, ST&L Style

Loyal readers will undoubtedly recall that this time last year, I went John Galt, and thoroughly defunded the machine which exists to enslave us citizens.  I will not allow the federal or state governments to steal from me, any more than I would stand still for a mugging, or roll over and whimper at the threat of a home invasion.  And without reliable representation and adherance to the Constitution, any attempt to lay claim on my income is nothing short of theft.

Now, I wouldn't go so far as to agree with the current administration that paying taxes is somehow "patriotic," but I absolutely do believe in the necessity for taxation.  And I'll gladly pay my share when, and if, there exists a more-equitable/less-onerous system of taxation.

Toward that end, I present ...guess what?  Two more videos.  Oh joy!

My first impressions of the "Flat Tax" plan were negative, because I don't like the concept of taxing income, and really don't like the idea of exemptions, loopholes, and "refunds."  But, this following video makes a good argument for the Flat Tax as a stepping stone to a stand alone national sales tax and Constitutional abolition of any future income tax.  Two words: Suh weet.

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