Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The "WOW, I COULDA HAD A V-8" Moment

One of my favorite fellow bloggers is William Jacobson (Cornell Law Professor), at Legal Insurrection.  Recently, he wrote that he had heard from an old friend of his, a main stream liberal democrat, who called to say that Jacobson was right about Obama, after all.  He writes:

In the past my friend very much enjoyed getting me agitated by frequently mentioning the latest Frank Rich or Maureen Dowd column about the evil of Sarah Palin. At his age, getting me aggravated was pretty much his main form of entertainment.

In the months after the election the relationship was somewhat strained. There were certain things we just didn't talk about, although he would poke me in the political eye from time to time.

I haven't spoken to my friend in many months, probably since the fall or summer. So I was pleased when his name showed up as an incoming call on my cell phone, although I wondered how we would dance around the subject of Him.

The first sentence out of his mouth was, "Let's get it out of the way, you were right about Obama."

I have a few friends who, along with me, recognized the Obamination for what he was and what he represented long before the '08 election.  But, most of the folks I know, including most family members and many friends (and acquaintances who've since managed to keep a safe distance from me: "Don't stand too close to a Constitutionalist Republican, else you get mistaken for a racist!"), subscribed to the hope-n-changery rhetoric.

So, this report gave me some hope that people I know might actually someday, likewise, change their hideously abrasive tune.  I'm not so big on having someone tell me I was right...hell, that's like saying that water is wet.  I just hope that some of the "easily duped" I care for, can one day extricate themselves from the camps of "those who hate America."

On a similar note, I read a concisely accurate comment on another blog recently.  Obama may still have his supporters, and those people seem to have difficulty with a rational discussion over the merits of his intentions.  While I can sling descriptors like SOCIALIST at him all day long, those folks won't bat an eye.  But, ask yourself this question...

Q: If Obama (or those people who he answers to) wished to sabotage America's economy, abandon national security, and destroy the country, is there anything that he (or they) would do different, from what they have done?

A: No.

The words that I write here are all in the hopes that the people I love will soon make amends for the mistake they saddled us all with, back in November 2008.  The phone call would be nice, but I don't need that.  I just hope that the enemies of my country soon find out that fewer and fewer of those people can be counted in their camp.


  1. The main thing Obama supporters have in common is the inability to tell the truth from a lie. Unable to discern a good idea from a bad one. Can't quite grasp cause and effect. We hope they change, but if not I hope they can recognize a lost cause and just stay home come election day.

  2. Hello MX, thanks for visiting.

    I'm afraid they don't even care what is true or not. Before the '08 election, I told a lifetime democrat that it looked like we were about to elect a US President on the basis of nothing more than Affirmative Action. Obama's lack of ANY verifiable leadership skills didn't worry this person. And when I pointed out that he'd clearly lied, this person's response was, "Well they all lie."

    There are two things that Obama had going for him before getting elected, and which he still has. Blackness, and registration as a democrat. There are folks (dummacrats) who'd vote for Satan, so long as he has a big "D" after his name. Most blacks, I am sadly convinced, would vote for any black candidate, even if he (as Dingy Harry Reid said) speaks in his "non-negro voice." Far too many whites (more than I ever could have expected) were/are overcome with their own white-guilt, and will do anything including setting themselves afire to avoid the remotest possibility of ever being labeled a racist.

    I think this is why any dissent regarding the actions of this administration is met with shrieks of "RACISM!" They actually subscribe to the notion that blind acceptance/acquiescence to any hairbrained move of his, is the only way to NOT be defined as a racist.

    Maybe we can launch an Alinsky-like smear campaign that the O!Bummer isn't as black as he used to be.