Tuesday, June 1, 2010

30 Seconds Of Census-Boy

As a companion-piece-slash-follow-up to the my most recent (lack of) effort, allow me to redirect your attention to our new media king, James O'Keefe.  You remember James.  He's the one who videotaped the scumbag ACORN employees who thought they were assisting a young pimp and his hooker set up a whorehouse for underage Salvadoran slaves, whilest getting around the whole income tax inconvenience.  His (and Hannah Giles') efforts scooped the entire mainstream media and effectively shut down Obama's favorite criminal enterprise.

What's he up to now, you ask?  How about exposing those scammers from the census for what they are!

Disclaimer time: I personally know three (3) people who are currently (or recently) employed as census-takers.  One of them I have a lot of respect for, and do not wish to cast a blanket indictment upon his character.  The other two?  Well, no livermush for you, assholes.

If James O'Keefe does not win the Pulitzer Prize for journalism, then the Pulitzer is hereby exactly as illegitimate as the Nobel Peace Prize.

So what do you want to bet that the 30 seconds Census Boy who "knows who I am" spent in my driveway, somehow became multiple hours of government-funded (read: your tax dollars) waste?  The waste Mr. O'Keefe displays is a billion dollars, assuming 20% of their time "working" is imaginary.  I can vouch for some of these locals, that 20% seems about right.

Please also consider visiting my friends at Big Government for the bottom line on the Department of Justice's destruction of O'Keefe's evidence against Sen. Landrieu, and more on the fraudulent census taking.

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