Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Linky Love Tuesday

I'm just going to publish a little linkarama for this Tuesday.  Maybe I'll serve up some more self-produced nuggets later, but these caught my eye this morning, and I felt like sharing.

I keep linking to Lemuel and he refuses neglects to reciprocate for whatever reason, but today he does give us some good reason to celebrate the fact that NC Dumocrat Congresscritter Ethridge (district 2) has likely slapped and manhandled his last student.  Go meet the Republican opponent to Boob Ethridge at Hillbilly White Trash.  North Carolina politics is fixin' to get a whole lot prettier.

That guy makes me wonder whose desk Mel Watt has been hiding under regarding what happened last week on the steps to his office.  Has anyone heard Watt distance himself from the thug that punched a peaceful Tea Party rallier, or remotely condemn that behavior?

Other unrelated good work this A.M. comes from Mary Grabar at American Thinker, entitled Keeping Up With the University of Stupid.  Actually, it's great work.  What does the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), have to say about the University of Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Berkeley...and your favorite school?  I'll tell you this from the whodathunkit department: Arkansas gets an A.  Read the article wherein she also links to this site for the report card.  Does your Alma Mater consider Gender Studies and Environmental Science valid as core curriculum material, as worthy replacements for mathematics, foreign language, philosophy, and real science?  Mine got a B, with poor performance in Literature, US Government or History, and Economics.  The score does not mean the university does not teach these things, just that they aren't required.  The shame.

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