Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Enemies Of My Enemies Are My Friends

My buddy Ted sent me the following video, forwarded on from a friend of his.  His friend, the originator of the email, seemed to have more affection (based on the language in his text) for Obama than for Reverend Manning.  That is, the friend's words belied a bit of condescension regarding Manning, which from my point of view is misplaced considering how loathsome the alternative (Obama) is by comparison.

A brief search suggests that this video is from around the time of the 2008 election, so it's not quite cutting edge media.

I believe Dr. Manning is correct that an uprising is at hand, and he is quite welcome on the team of good guys.

"This man is destroying what God loves!" says Reverend Manning, whose doctorate is in philosophy, according to the Atlah Ministries website.

Dr. Manning's delivery may seem a bit comical, if you listen to it as if it's a news program, which is as it is designed to appear.  But, Dr. Manning is a preacher, and he's speaking to his congregation in a way to which they can relate.  The thing I believe caught my friend's friend's attention is the disgust from one black citizen regarding the Obamination.  Well, let me be the first to tell you, there's lots of influential black men and women who aren't singing Obama's (or his fellow corruptocrat's) praises.  You aren't likely to see them, if you get your current events from the ostrich media.  Want more from Reverend Manning?  Right-click the above video and watch it at YouTube...and you'll see another dozen such vids in the sidebar.

Regular readers of the ST&L will know, however, one of my favorites is Alfonzo Rachel.  Who, incidentally, also has an essay at Big Hollywood where he shoots Bill Maher (figuratively, dipshits) in the foot.


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