Friday, July 9, 2010


I'd like to issue a correction/retraction regarding my post yesterday, where I wrote that Afghanistan is "now largely Obama's war."

It's fair to say that he has, to an extent, taken ownership of this war.  But, his only real contributions to it have been 1) ordering more troops to the region, but 2) not sending as many as requested, or 3) not sending them in anything resembling a timely fashion, and 4) hamstringing those troops with suicidal rules of engagement.

The war in Afghanistan is our war, America's war.  Obama only assumed ownership as an effort to usurp a military victory.  His ownership is no different than the false image of Che Guevarra as some kind of warrior (the only times Che pulled a trigger was when his enemies were beaten and tied and blindfolded).

In fact, you could make a case that Obama's actions are more consistant with someone angling to lose this war than win it.  This is a lot like a baseball game where the good guys have a slim lead, late in the game.  The starting pitcher did a great job putting our guys in a position to win, but the relief pitcher has come in and, under the misguided imperative of an unscrupulous manager (Obama), has walked the bases loaded.  That relief pitcher (McCrystal) has effectively taken himself out of the game, as a sacrificial lamb for his beloved teammates, and the Closer has now taken the mound.  If General Petraeus isn't forced to pitch underhand, we still have a chance at success.

With apologies to Ann Coulter, Bill Kristol, Michael Steele, and anyone else, this is our war.  Our going there was appropriate in the first place, and our remaining is still necessary, but not as mere targets for the bad guys.  If Obama can simply keep his mouth shut, stay in the dugout, give Gen. Petraeus what he asks for, when he asks for it, he'll keep the Taliban and AQ on the defensive, swinging and missing.

One other thing, O'Bastard:  This thing is more like baseball than soccer (guh).  You play till you win...not until some mystery-clock expires.  Leave the grown up stuff to the grown-ups.  Stay the fuck off the field.

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