Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Chuck Norris will make you cry.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Please don't tell me that kick but Chuck is surprised by President Obama's actions. I think the medical term is 'sociopathic". Maybe I'm wrong, you decide. Check out the definition listed below.

    (link removed)

    Aim Small, Miss Small.

  2. Chuck Norris isn't surprised by anything. Not even comments on my blog posts.

    Obama may be a sociopath, but there's not much evidence of that. Matter of fact, I'm inclined to believe that I'd be more trusting of a real sociopath than of him.

    There is, however, lots of evidence that's he a malignant narcissist. I'm pretty sure my pals (see the blogroll at left, called "Finer Print" for links) Conservative Pup and Sister Toldjah have expounded admirably on that.

    Mr. Anonymous, thanks for visiting and commenting. Let's hold off on the mysterious links to definitions, though, my friend.