Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Opposite of Bad

There's plenty of bad news out there (I'm not just talking about the fact there are still dozens of people listening to Keith Olberman).  Digesting it all can get burdensome.

Instead, let me relate some splendid information just gleaned from the top of the heap over at Big Hoolywood.  Sorry, I do that all the time...and spend hours, generally, retreating and correcting, or proofreading and correcting my many typing dyslexities.  That is Big Hollywood, thank you very much.

From John Nolte, at Big Hollywood, comes the unparalleled good news that the most important literary work of the past century is, as they say in Hoolywood (intentional that time): "in the can."  You heard correctly, my little Livermush afficionados...Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged has been made into a major motion picture.  Actually though, as Mr. Nolte reports, it's only the first third of the book (in the fashion of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy) which has finished production.  Like LOTR before, the remaining two thirds of Atlas will be produced and delivered forthwith.

More good news, apparently no megastar was employed to overshadow the script, which is said to be highly reflective if not identical in large part to the dialog as written by Mrs. Rand.  This means that instead of Anjolina Jolie, the role of Dagny shall be left to Taylor Schilling, pictured below.  I had reservations about the rumored casting of Jolie, doubtful that she has the range of talent.

Nolte says we can expect part one in "the second quarter of 2011 and start production on the second part the following fall."

Okay, "unparalleled" may be a bit strong.  But, it's still pretty great.

Be of good cheer.

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