Saturday, July 10, 2010

NRA ad

If you believed the old adage, "what you don't know, won't hurt you" you may have been suckered in to the BarryO mystique.  After all, there wasn't any real evidence that he wanted to destroy America, at least none that was reported on the network news, right?

He seemed affable and very cool.  A person would have to be terribly cynical to suspect that his voting "present" and guarding his college and personal history meant he had anything sinister (like "healthcare", Cap & Trade, card-check, SEIU, ACORN, Van Jones, worldwide appeasement and bow-a-thon tours, bribery and influence peddling) to hide.  Likewise, nobody should have predicted his likely ineptitude regarding the disaster in the Gulf or those idiotic rules of engagement he's handcuffed our soldiers with, just because he'd never really led or governed anything.

Your sarcasm meter should be pegged in the red.

Try to split your mind in two screens of view.  Recall all the vacuous platitudes you swallowed in '08 on one screen, and compared that to the inaction, idiocy, or outright sabotage you're getting from this Administration now, on the other.

Now, if you don't have any reason to believe in Kagan's devotion to the Constitution other than her own rhetoric (like, say, an actual body of work?), at least consider the possibility that she's another wolf in sheep's clothing.  I agree with the NRA that there's plenty of reason for concern, if not alarm.

Call your representatives and have them oppose the confirmation.

UPDATE: But, let's not presume that this ad means that the NRA is forgiven for its recent sins.  It is certainly encouraging that such a powerful organization is spending money and resources to oppose the confirmation, but the NRA needs to start remembering (publicly) that the 2nd Amendment is part of a greater document, and that enemies of that Constitution should be and will be held accountable, regardless of their lip-service or special conditions.

Hey NRA, lie down with the dogs...wake up with fleas.  And then, you'll be sleeping out on the porch.

Fair-weather patriots.

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